Friday, September 21, 2007

A Sad Fan

It was in the news yesterday. But more write-ups came in just today. The soccernet website provided plenty of articles to satisfy my voracious need for information. I’m sure most of you didn’t know about it because it's about football, and in a foreign land.

My favorite manager left my favorite team or my favorite team owner sacked my favorite manager. Whichever way, the fact is: they parted ways yesterday. “Mourinho leaves Chelsea”/“Chelsea sacked Mourinho”.

It came as a shock to many. After giving the London club its first trophy in 50 years, and adding plenty more domestic silverwares in the next two years, it was not enough to please the owner who wants to conquer Europe. The decent two semi-final finishes in the Champions’ League, that could have elicited cheers in others’ boardroom, were still below expectations for Abramovich.

But Mourinho left 20 million pounds richer. It’s his separation package since his contract run till 2010. He is proud of his achievements, and it will surely be imbedded in the team’s history. I salute him for that.

The English media, the Liverpool, Arsenal and Manchester United fans will surely miss him. Rafael Benitez (Liverpool), and Arsene Wenger (Arsenal) will miss the “Special One’s” snide remarks. The rest of the managers (other than the managers of the top 4) are just too boring.

His parting words:

"I am very proud of my work in Chelsea Football Club and I think my decision in May 2004 to come to England was an excellent one," said Mourinho.

"It was a beautiful and rich period of my career. I want to thank all Chelsea FC supporters for what I believe is a never-ending love story.

"I wish great success to the club, a club that will be forever connected to me for some historical moments.

"I wish the players happiness in football and in their family life. Finally on my wife's and children' s behalf we thank the great professionalism of their school teachers and the beauty of so many friends."
quoted from BBC

I am saddened by all of these. I have mentioned before that I am a Mourinho fan. Does it mean that it is my goodbye for Chelsea as well?


tin-tin said...

wah!! nagulat ako sa news na ito. buti nagbukas ako ng blog mo or elase hindi ko malalaman. at talagang nashock ako.

syempre, balita agad ako sa brother dear ko. alam na pala niya. at parehas kyo. one reason why he loves chelsea ay dahil din sa kanya. what will happen to chelsea kaya? haay...

Annamanila said...

I am not a football fan but I can understand attachment to a team, a player, a coach.

fence said...

Dude, as they say, no good deed goes unpunished. hehehe. As a closet ManU fan, this makes me sad (nyahahaha) and because of this sadness, I extend my invitation to join our fold instead. Seriously, without Momo? Tsk, tsk. It's going to be a bumpy ride for Chelsea.

lazarus said...

i have not really recovered from this divorce of sorts. I'm still looking for more answers from the special one.

Man U just buried Chelsea 2-0, when in the previous encounters, a draw would be fair enough. I hope they bring in Scolari to Chelsea.

tin-tin said...

chelsea lost to manu also because 2 of their best players wasn't able to play..

honestly, i'm not that happy with the win of man u. ewan.. against chelsea yan ha. yan ang team na gusto ko matalo lagi ng man u. bwahahaha. pero i'm not that happy ngayon. sad...

lazarus said...

tin, man u got knocked out in the carling cup, while chelsea clubbered their opponent 4-0.

I think the chelsea owner wants more entertaining football. like winning 4-0 instead of 1-0. chelsea is not known to have many goals. they usually win because of defense.