Saturday, September 08, 2007

Internet Addiction

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Signs (at least for me):
1. Ego-surfing
2. Aimless googling
3. Repetitive stats checking
4. Repetitive clicking of sites marked "favorite"
5. Forum addiction
6. Repetitive checking of google reader
7. Aimless bloghopping
8. Repetitive checking of technorati links
9. Comment checking, even thru cellphones
10. Continuous thinking of blog posts, and possible topics

Solution (application to start next week):
1. LAN/WI-FI disconnection (connect only when necessary)
2. Play more badminton
3. Read books
4. No overstaying in my cubicle.
5. Delete history of sites visited
6. Delete favorites
7. Delete blog

It just occured to me that, though writing is my other passion, I have not balanced my time well. And I'm gaining more kilos.


snglguy said...

Hmm, I don't know if I should consider myself as an internet addict. I've been surfing and chatting online for a couple of years before I stopped cold turkey in 2000. Never felt anything. No shakes, no cravings...

I went online back in 2004 and started blogging a few months later.

Thing is, I know how to separate my online life from my real life. And once I get tired, or the novelty of blogging wears off, I might switch off again...

Have a great weekend, Lazarus. :-)

gwapasila said...

halo, visit you again...i have to read this post..sounds interesting. TC

lady cess said...

2 of the signs are true for me, so hindi pa ako adik, medyo pa lang? :D

Paris said...

The Internet could destroy you @_@

Rey said...

actually you can do some reps while thinking of the next paragraph to scribble. :)

zherwin said...

not yet an addict (but i could be), gaining more kilos? does this mean computer is the new tv? couch potatoes are known to be loaded in the middle (i just check my waistline and whoa! im not, or at least not that obvious hehe)

lazarus said...

sngl, i've been chatting and surfing since 1999, at that time when we first got connected to the world wide web. I got addicted to it then. BUt it wore off.

lutchi (gwapasila), read on. There's a danger pala in this kind of thing.

lady cess, di pa adik. he he.

lazarus said...

paris, i hope it won't.

rey, yes i've done that a lot of times. Even now. he he

zherwin, good for you. keep it up. hehe

Leah said...

ha!ha! dont do # 7 for the solution. Just avoid it. Although for me, it'll be hard to do. I can spend hours and hours in front of the PC without noticing the time.

Only solution for me is to turn it off and be tired enough to just go to sleep instead.

tin-tin said...

i guess i'm not that addicted yet. hehehe. with the blogs, yung sa links ko lang.. kse sila di lang nagbabasa ng blogs ko. hahaha.

you'll delete your blog? NO!!!!!

julai said...

hmmm i guess we're suffering the same prob Lazarus,hehehe. I think I'm also in my early stage of internet addiction. I havn't balanced my time anymore and I stopped exercising na..grrrrrrrrr..and the worst thing, I already neglected my #1 hobby which is reading..I need to go back to my old self..ahehe..Good luck on our rehabilitation..aheheheh

dodong flores said...

I think Internet is one thing I can't live without.

Ningtama sa ako ng sign #7, aimless bloghopping, Hehehe... Addict na ba ko?

You gain a few kilograms? Pareho ta. I gain 15 kilograms excess when I lost my job. Pero dili Internet ang dahilan :)

CM said...

good thing isa lang ang nagtugma sakin. at yun ay ang #7. Hehehe. Di pa naman siguro ako addict ano? hehehe,

melai said...

hayyyy......kailangan ko na ba ng professional help? lol!

iskoo said...

natawa ako dito, dahil nakakarelate ata ako, hahaha. pa tournament ka naman ng badminton sa mga bloggers

palaboy said...

i spend almost 15 hours a day in front of my pc... and still i feel its not enuf...

tell me...

am i addicted to internet?
am i?

Lazarus said...

the addiction thing, some are obviously on denial. ha ha!

welcome to my site, palaboy!

Annamanila said...

Omg, I can totally relate. Which must mean I am a certified Internet addict. I repeatedly look at the statcounter, repeatedly watch out for new comments, repeatedly bloghop, google my site, etc.

There is little else I'd rather do, I used to say.

But today, I got a sweet diversion. And you got to look at my site to know what it is. :)