Sunday, September 16, 2007

If I Were in His Place

At the surface, he seems to be on his jolly self, as usual. Like an elder brother, he pats us on the back and tells us to balance work and our personal lives. We just nod in agreement and listen. But when he starts to lift a bottle of San Mig Light and tastes its flavor, the tone of his voice changes.

He confides that he is bothered by talks about his having this and that because his wife’s family’s wealth. He rejected his father-in-law’s offer of a larger house, larger vehicle, and even a possible business. He chooses to be away from his family because he clings to his job in the city while his wife is in the province handling the family business. It is as if he wants to prove that he can feed his family on his own.

“If you were in my place, what would you do to silence the rumor mongers?”

My other friend was silent though we both know our similar answers. So I volunteered. “I’ll tell them that it’s a blessing. And that I was only after for their daughter’s love, but there was a bonus instead. It’s not everyday that you can have those things.”

He laughed. My other friend nodded with a smile. But in the end, I guess he just needed us to affirm on his stand regarding the matter. I will not say that it’s pride, though he justifies it as part of his principles. Principles, pride, whatever... A change in perspective may solve the problem, while at the same time keeping his so-called principles.


Francesca said...

When someone offers me those, I would think really hard.

Questions are:
is it really worth taking.

Is it a bargain, or something I would pay back in the future.

Somegifts are poisonous behind the pretext of good intentions.

Some gifts are sincerely given.

ladyc ess said...

to silence the rumor mongers...

we can never do anything to silence them i think. so i keep doing the things i do.

Lazarus said...

francesca, i would say the gift is sincerely given.

ladycess, yeah we can never silence them. backbiters talk only behind your back, but if we face them everyday and redirect their attention to somewhere else, the talks would disappear.

Annamanila said...

I agree with you, Lazarus. When we are consulted, what our friends want are our collaboration, not our opinion. :)