Saturday, September 29, 2007

Boys' Talk

We listened to the band singing songs whose titles escaped me. The two ladies on vocals sang their hearts out as their keyboardist skillfully manipulated the synthesizer. The powerful voices just wowed the crowd. We were on this same table the other night, on our way to Northern Mindanao. We also heard them sing. Now, we’re back.

I was rather sleepy, having no interest in the show. If I were on my own, I’d rather sleep in my cot. I wouldn’t mind sleeping 10 hours while traveling on boat. But my colleague wanted to drink some cans of beer and pass time, so I just have to accompany him.

One of the ladies had this comely face and shapely body. She wore a black laced pants (up to her knees) that could surely expand the imagination of the mostly men crowd. Being on the front tables, we could see her throwing occasional glances at us. Then my buddy popped out a question directly shot at me. “If given the chance, would you f**k that girl?”

The usual me replied with a wordless grin. Then I shook my head. But I really hate those kind of questions, even if these were just considered normal boys’ talk. I don’t really lust for those things, even if a girl performs naked on stage. I may take a glance once (or twice), but will not let it dwell in my head. Or maybe, we could just talk about inequality of wealth, politics, religion, social injustice, and the possible reasons that drive some women into prostitution.

I suspected he was just teasing me. The guy has a lovely young wife, and far prettier than the girl on stage. I held my breath for a few seconds before bouncing back the question to him. “Would you?”

“Nah, I’m already married. I would have a different answer if I were single.”

We laughed. Why did our conversation reach this point? We both know we’re devoted to our spouses.


Leah said...

Ahh, the voices within....It is good to ask questions like that...It just makes you think and your thoughts simply says how devoted you are to your spouse and same as your friend,

lazarus said...

yeah, it made me think. :)