Saturday, October 27, 2007

Entry Into the Dirt

Today is the last day of campaigning for the SK and baranggay elections. News about filling up the wrong forms were feasted upon by the columnists. It’s funny how an incumbent baranggay captain who is still on his second term, filled up the form for councilors. He will forever regret his blunder. Imagine him as the captain signing the wrong form. Outrageous! Now, he’s busy campaigning for the lower post.

On the other hand, I just wish all the best for my dad who is running for the top post in a baranggay in a town south from where I live. It is an entry into the dirt. He is a neophyte in this sort of politics but it is his desire to help that prompts him to run. We have plenty of relatives in the place, but so are the opponents. There is almost always a connection either by affinity or consanguinity. And sometimes, people give up their votes for simple happiness like money or a tuba drink.

How qualified is he? He used to be a PTA president (6 consecutive years) of our elementary school. Two school buildings and the gym were constructed during his term. He was awarded thrice as the most outstanding employee in the large company he worked for 22 years. He was involved in various cooperatives and livelihood projects. I can really attest to his heart for public service.

With a minimal budget, as against his opponents who sought assistance from the town’s politicos, he is determined to wage his battle. He is up against the son of the incumbent captain, who also happens to be the wife of the former mayor. I will not dare dissuade a man who has a good purpose. If I was only there, I’m sure I will campaign for him. If I only have plenty of money, I may even buy votes for him. Now I'll just have to pray for victory. I'm just kidding about the vote-buying though.

May the best man wins! But moreso, may it be won honorably!


Annamanila said...

I hope Lazarus, Sr. wins as I am convinced he is all that his devoted son describes him to be. Keep us posted on how he will fare, okay?

bingskee said...

the barangay ang the country as well need people like your father, not those crooks who feed their bellies only and make themselves rich at the expense of their constituents.

there is a revolution in our barangay today, revolution in a form of a parade of those who support a simple teacher who will run against a notorious incumbent bgy captain. it is the longest parade and motorcade i have ever seen. we joined the move. it is high time that their unwanted rule ends.

tin-tin said...

good luck to your dad :)

Abaniko said...

I wish many politicians are like your man. Based on his track record, he's one honorable man and it seems he only wants to be of service to the community. Good luck to your dad, Lazarus.