Saturday, October 06, 2007

I Wish Manny Will Lose

"I wish Manny will lose in tomorrow's fight." I overheard heard this from a woman in a barbershop. "He's become arrogant, a womanizer, ...." The other hairdressers joined her in agreement.

A few of my colleagues placed their bets for Barrera. They said they're sure Manny will lose this time because of the many distractions during his training. And they point to the sexy lady as one of those lovely disturbance.

Well, I may agree about the arrogance, his flings and the annoying sidelines, but he's a filipino and one of us. I believe he is not just fighting for himself but for the filipino people. Let's all support him in this fight. We need a hero.


Francesca said...

I cant understand why boxing champions like Manny would be judged according to his personal flaws than his boxing skills.
Mama mia.
In France, ALL politicians can have mistress here and there, but who cares?
As long as they run the country well, whats the big deal.
Di ba ??

melai said...

Yeah we need him to win again this time...It's enough to ask GOD not to let him win last election, but playing boxing for Philippines is a different thing no matter what he's doing we should be always at his back.

Abaniko said...

I don't particularly like Manny Pacquaio but he's good at boxing and I love it when our country shares the glory when he wins a match. I wish he wins every time he plays. For the Philippines!

vernaloo said...

I don't know but I didn't really care about the result of the match yesterday...maybe I don't like him the way I did before.

lazarus said...

Manny won again. The victory is for all the filipinos. congratulations to all of us!

Let us just hope he'll be a good role model when he returns. With all the money he have, he can go back to school, hire the best tutors, clean up, and then he can reenter politics. He can be the mayor of Gensan someday.

Transformer said...

Bitaw, kababayan baya nako na siya, pero ambot intawon.... hehehhe