Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Just a Political Newbie

When you don’t have the money, it is better not to run in any elective post, unless, of course, you run unopposed.

It was Tuesday morning already when I got to contact Dad regarding the outcome of the election. He told me that his opponents bought votes for P150 and some kilos of rice. “Even you let a dog run for them, they’ll surely win because of the money” he downheartedly told me. “But life will go on as usual, my son. Probably the people are not ready yet” he added.

“Yeah, maybe next time” I replied. “Do you plan to file a protest?”

“Nope. It would be a waste of time.”

A lot of things swirled in my head. We have not really prepared for this. We left it up to Dad to decide on the last minute. We could have sent people in advance to do charitable deeds like feeding the malnourished kids, giving bundles of joys, distributing used books or maybe conduct some livelihood seminars. We could have also sponsored a basketball tournament, or a benefit dance, which I’m sure, would lure more people. But we didn’t.

Maybe next time, when I have enough money, I’d volunteer as his campaign strategist. It would surely be a fierce match.


snglguy said...

Tsk tsk, corruption reigns even at the grassroots level.

Sorry to hear about your Dad's loss...

MISYEL said...

That's so sad but there will always be a next time for him. Be sure to volunteer huh?!

Francesca said...

Im happy he didnt for the reason that politics for me is soooo dirty that every politician would do the best they can to survive inside this "jungle".

jho said...

ganon siguro talaga ang politics. I've heard so much sa mga officemates ko who also have relatives running for a post in the recently concluded barangay elections.

Let's just say hindi pa time for your father to have his seat at the barangay.

Lazarus said...

sngl, yeah, corruption at the grassroots. I'm really disappointed at the loss due to the vote-buying. It's not really fair.

misyel, we'll do better next time around.

francesca, to battle corruption, it can be started either at the top or at the bottom. Dad chose wanted to change it at the baranggay level.

jho, maybe next time.

Annamanila said...

Ay, I am sorry. I think the voters wouldn't know what they missed having. Bully for them. :( Next time, you campaign for him hard okay?

Lazarus said...

anna, i'm sure i'll campaign hard next time.