Monday, October 22, 2007

Ferrari Rules

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Before the final day at the Brazil grand prix (GP), Ferrari driver Kimi Raikkonen was on third place. It would take almost a miracle for him to win the World Championship of the most prestigious motorsport, Formula 1. Lagging behind by 7 points from the erstwhile leader, super rookie Lewis Hamilton of McLaren, Kimi got to finish first, and Hamilton must not finish fifth or higher. Also in the mess is the two-time defending champion and McLaren driver Fernando Alonso, who, if placed second, and Hamilton slides to 6th or lower, can grab the trophy.

But in the end: Ferrari rules.

They won the team championship with the disqualification of McLaren. BMW is far second. The final GP did wonders to the Ferrari drivers. Felipe Massa took the pole in his home turf, and was leading all the way until the last few laps when Kimi Raikkonen overtook him because of pit stops. It was a perfect run for both Ferrari drivers. Hamilton got problems with his car and finished seventh. Alonso was in third place, fully covered by Massa. The final tally is very very close: Kimi 110 points, Hamilton and Alonso tied at 109.

This year has also been a very thrilling one for Formula 1. They are rocked by controversies on team spying, illegal team instructions, spat between teammates, disqualifications of McLaren in the team race, etc…

The retirement of Michael Schumacher opened the race to all drivers. All eyes were on Alonso, as he is the last man to beat the legend. But he wasn’t even able to beat his rookie teammate Lewis Hamilton. Surely the kid is the driver to watch next year. He counts Michael as his idol. And I love to see him on the wheels of the red car someday. Go Ferrari!


Rey said...

I was a Kimi Raikonnen fan. And a Ferrari fan during the MS era. But the emergence of Lewis Hamilton made me dream a rookie, and a colored man can actually pull the plug this season.

It wasn't made to be. so much for fairytale. And kudos to Ferrari for having the best car at Interlagos.

lazarus said...

Rey, I wouldn't be sad if Lewis actually wins it. Too bad he wasn't doing well in the last few races.

tutubi said...

i'd love to watch an actual F1 race someday. the only time I got close to a Ferrari was during a marlboro event in greenbelt

lazarus said...

tutubi, the nearest to us is the malaysian GP. Someday, someday we can watch it live (or perhaps even own one ferrari).