Thursday, October 04, 2007

My Lil Sis Is Getting Married

Bull’s Eye, our pet dog barked with joyful expectations. With tails wiggling, he looked up and eyes focused on the door. Half a minute pass by yet there was no knocking sounds. With his front legs, he scratched the door as if wanting to open it himself. Then my lil sis would blurt out “Ah, si manoy na! Mangilad na sad.” (Ah it’s kuya attempting to fool us again.) That’s how my sister knows me. And she was barely six years old then.

She is our youngest. She almost followed my every step (many times, literally). Close friends said she looked like me and there were so many similarities in the way we talk and act. In every game like scrabble, bible drills and quizzes, boogle, and other board games, she always comes second to me, ahead of dad, mom and her two older sisters. Teachers at our elementary school would often compare her to me.

Since I was already working when she entered college, I paid for her tuition. It was something I believe part of giving back to my parents. She also took up accountancy. But she really wanted to enroll in fine arts. I guess I played a big role in convincing her to follow the convenient.

Lil sis is not really the emo type. When her first boyfriend broke up with her, she didn’t really show much emotion. She simply sighed and said, “He’s not God’s will for me.” There were no tears shed.

A couple of weeks ago, when she wanted to tell me that she’s getting married, she just told me to go to our parents’ house to meet the family of her fiancé. I already know what she meant and I just hugged her and told her how happy I am.

When I told my wife about it, she offered to help the two in their preparations. My wife also works as a wedding planner part time. Thought my lil sis did not seek our help, I know her enough, and I felt she badly needs our assistance. After the couple signed the contract for the wedding package, both we’re very grateful to my wife.

Come December, three days after her 26th birthday, she’ll say I do in a poolside wedding. Reception will be at the hotel rooftop having a very wonderful view of the city. I’m sure there will be fireworks.


brVince said...

Best wishes na lang pud niya, manoy! hehehe... Ako kay di na intawon pwede pakasal pa :D

vernaloo said...

awwwww...advance congratulations on your lil sis Lazarus! I'm pretty sure they're gonna have a wonderful wedding :)

CM said...

wow, close talaga kayo ng lil sis mo ah. :) sweet! best wishes sa kanya! :)

lazarus said...

bro vince, you can. But you chose not to. he he. Ok lang na bro, you have a much larger family.

verns, you're back ah! i can already imagine my sis wedding.

cm, thanks! i'm just happy for my lil sis.