Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Money, Money, Money

I wasn’t really paying attention to the late night news. I just heard it was about bribery or something. In fact, this morning, the headlines were about the cash congressmen and governors received from the palace. It was only this afternoon that I got to fully read what it was all about. I usually read the sports section first.

Pampanga Gov. Ed Panlilio, in this report, shows the bundle of money. P500,000 in total. He claimed that another governor handed it to his staff. He declared he accepted the money in good faith and will use the same to fund projects for his province. If he’ll find out that it’s a bribe, he will return it. The others, I believe, are too afraid to come out in the open. The palace denied doling out funds.

One of our cebuano congressmen admitted last week, then retracted, that he received P200,000. He said that he was only joking during the first interview. Now, he’s in the hot seat.

Is it a gift or a bribe? Bribe for what? GMA won’t run next election. But she will do her best to complete her term. The impeachment complaint is a distraction and her cohorts have to kill it asap. Is it safe to say that it’s a gift? An advance Christmas gift? From whom? There are supposed to be rules in proper disbursement of funds.

With a questionable source of money, what would you expect of the disbursements? I just hope they’ll follow Gov. Panlilio’s action: account for those gifts, and account for the expenses.


tin-tin said...

i haven't watched the news for the longest time. i thought it was only the congressmen who received money and for the impeachment. haven't heard about this til i read your blog.

ayun! kaya pla ako nagbabasa ng blog. para maging updated sa news. hehehe ;p

zherwin said...

the bribery season started with the ZTE deal at eto, nanganak na ng nanganak! i just read from inq.net that according to Sec. Atienza, it's a regular thing, somehow like an allowance. and a recent study showed that bribery is, sadly, a daily occurence when dealing with government offices.

lazarus said...

tin, this is not a news blog. he he. pero feel ko lang mag post nito.

zherwin, may isang governor na nagreklamo. Wala daw syang natanggap. and it seems that iba iba ang amount na ibinigay. Pati ba sa suhol, may discrimination?

melai said...

how would we know that GMA won't run next election?

She once said that before, that she will no longer run for presidency after they take-over the position from then President Estrada....but after a while she changed her mind and I know it's possible to happen again.

Bribery season didn't just start with ZTE...GOD knows and everybody from the gov't knows that too.

lazarus said...

melai, maybe she will, as VP to the FG. he he. Constitutionally, she can't seek reelection. Or unless they change the constitution,

Annamanila said...

Bully for the congressman from Cebu. You know in the office, we sometimes write letters to government officials. I make it a point never to put the appelation "honorable" before their names.