Monday, October 08, 2007

That Online Image

An article in yahoo somewhat got my attention. This is what Liz Ryan has to say:

“A majority of employers now routinely check their job candidates' MySpace, Linkedin and Facebook profiles for any impropriety, prior to making an offer. Can you blame them? It's not so much that your prospective employer worries about your keg parties or those photos of you with your favorite bong. It's that they worry, with reason, about your judgment in throwing these items online for anyone to see.”

I’ve already done googling my name. So far, I’m satisfied to have behaved myself in the internet world. I have not posted my nude pics anywhere (as if I have one). I have not written something to degrade or insult anyone, even against our political leaders. I have not ranted like I’m ready to murder someone. No, not yet.

Even with some online alias in some forums, I kept myself in check. When you argue with someone online, it’s like arguing with a shadow. Freedom of expression is too vague. And it’s difficult to hide ones’ self in opinions. We are who we are, even in the dark.


Abaniko said...

"We are who we are, even in the dark."

I believe we are more ourselves in the dark, when no one sees what we do. :)

Major Tom said...

Sometimes its advantagous to have an alias online. I do have an alias but a reader thru my site could always know my real name and persona as it is public in my "about" page. A little anonimity wouldn't hurt.

tin-tin said...

buti na lang mabait pa din posts ko. hehehe ;p

lazarus said...

abaniko, i agree.

major tom, i just read your "about" page. i've had cpa review classmates (1995) from your school.

tin-tin, mabait ka talaga sa mga posts mo. at smiling pa. he he.

jho said...

I love having "THAT" anonimity in the cyberworld. It has helped me express myself more.

Ferdz said...

I guess companies are playing safe na rin since I've heard news before of employees divulging certain information online.

I wish I started with an alias before pero lately di na ko makatago sa public. :P

Lazarus said...

jho, you got a point there. The anonymity is a shield. Some of my posts here in blogspot cannot be posted in my friendster.

ferdz, famous ka na kasi eh, with all the awards. It's hard for you not to be noticed.

Francesca said...

true. Evrything will be discovered, lol
maliit ang mundo ng bloggers.

Anyway, basta ba no names and photos eh.
Sa dami nag aa ask ng photo ni Butler, never ko bigay or post.
2 reasons:
baka ma libel ako, haha
and the mystery will be unvieled, wala na suspens sino si butler, di vah?