Friday, March 28, 2008

2007 Philippine Bar Exams Results

The Supreme Court official website says that “The results of the 2007 Bar Examinations will be released tomorrow, March 29, 2008.”

(note: If you are looking for the 2008 Bar Examination results, click here: 2008 Philippine Bar Exam Results and List of Passers)

The exam was held at the De La Salle University on Taft Avenue in Manila in the four Sundays of September 2007. A total of 5,626 law graduates from 109 schools nationwide took the bar exams. The results of the last three years showed that of the 17,000 plus takers, only 29.8% passed. It is an average of 1,700 additional lawyers a year. It’s not really a scary figure.

The results will be posted at the Supreme Court’s official website. The list of the names will also be displayed in LCD projectors to be strategically placed at the Supreme Court front yard near its Padre Faura entrance. I also think that plenty of blogs will post the results to divert traffic to their sites. Search the keyword "2007 Philippine Bar Exams Results" on google and you'll see what I mean.

I can feel the excitement rising right now, as bar exam takers, their schools, friends and relatives are probably monitoring the radio, internet, TV and even SC insiders for the release of the results. It's an agony to some, but hope to the others. I would also understand if someone is hiding at this moment, detaching himself from any form of media and communication. He will most likely reappear 3 days after the bar exam results are released. It is actually a strategy to cushion the grief in case of failure.

One of those who took the exams is a work colleague of mine. When I asked him about his chances a couple of months ago, he just smiled and said, “Dios na bahala!” I just wish all the best to the bar exam takers!

UPDATE: List of new lawyers is not available at the SC website. You may click here.


Panaderos said...

At least would-be lawyers get 4 weekends. We CPAs only had two. How unjust. (Pun intended.) :)

Rudy said...

I'm glad I never took up law. I just don't have the patience, nor the brains required for memorization. But friends and families tell me that I should have been a lawyer since I love to argue, hehe... :-D

BTW, happy 2nd anniversary on your blog.

Lazarus said...

panaderos, 2 weekends nga pero 4 days pa rin. At medyo mababa passing percentage ng CPA board.

rudy, thanks for the greetings! ako gusto ko rin mag lawyer nung HS pa ako. But i don't like to argue. A CPA-lawyer would have been a good combo, pero ayoko na.