Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Some Good Moments

Oh, some good things! I won 500 entrecard credits from Kotsengkuba. Because I voted for him, I was eligible for the random selection. Thank you very much, sir! I guess it's time for me to enter this site into entrecard's fold to make use of those credits. I'm still thinking of an attractive logo.

Next, my newest site (a dotcom this time) is nominated in Talksmart's Filipino Blog of the Week. I would have wanted to delay my announcement till the 2nd year anniversary of this blog, but I guess I have to do this sooner.

The voting is done HERE. Or you can visit my newest baby HERE and vote at the sidebar. You can vote once everyday till Friday, or if I get nominated again, till next week. My blog site is just 13 days old today and I'm not even campaigning in the tagboards of my online friends or at the sites I hopped into. Just the normal read and comment thing, or else someone would be annoyed. I'm currently running fourth and the leaders just zoomed ahead. So I need more votes.

If you ask me what the prize is, it's a week of being featured in a Talksmart's website plus a little badge one can flaunt in the sidebar. AJ is a previous winner, and you can check out his site as well.

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