Sunday, March 16, 2008

The Business Is Finished: Pacquiao Won Over Marquez

National disaster averted. GMA took a breather of relief. Rebels and soldiers braced arms in arms. Churches in the Philippines sing hallelujahs! The Filipino nation can say that they have a hero in their fold. We can now unite and put aside ZTE for a while, at least for a week just for the victory celebration. Bloggers are racing to get on top of SERP. Manny Pacquiao won on a split decision over Marquez. Judges Dwayne Ford and Tom Miller scored it 115-112 and 114-113, respectively, in favor of the Filipino. Jerry Roth scored it 115-112 for the deposed champ.

It was not a knockdown as expected by the Filipinos, but it was very close. Manny floored Marquez on the third round but was able to get up quickly. Both suffered cuts in the middle rounds and exchanged strong and lethal blows till finish. It was a really good fight and a close one. All the other pretenders can just watch in awe.

So what is next for Manny? I hope he won’t reenter politics. It’s a dirtier place and a dive from his lofty hero status. Why doesn’t he consider a fight with de la Hoya instead? It is not impossible and would definitely draw more money.


Panaderos said...

News is he may be contemplating moving up to the 135 lb class. It's logical at this point since he is already having some problems keeping his weight down at 130 lbs.

A heavier Manny would mean a stronger and deadlier Manny.

Lazarus said...

and that's where the diazes are lording. I'm not sure if these people can draw more money. the belt is no longer that important for the promoters these days.

fingertalks said...

yay i hope he won't reenter politics...cheers to Manny! cheers to Filipinos.

now we're back to ZTE. hehe

Lazarus said...

the newspaper today says that there was actually a 7-hr ceasefire between military and rebel forces.