Sunday, March 02, 2008

Oust GMA! GMA Resign!

The above are just some of the messages from the banners I saw at a rally in Fuente Osmeña, Cebu the other day. The local daily says that fewer than 1,000 participants attended the rally.

My friend, the Bystander, posted in his blog a very clear and concise distinction between Edsa1 and Edsa2, which I also think is connected with my title above.

Though I may not like GMA, I don’t want either option. Who is worthy to replace her at this moment? They could all be of the same feathers. Let her clean up her acts and let us wait for 2010. Time flies so fast. We all know how stubborn she and her cohorts are, and how indifferent most people are today. Let us just continue to pray for our nation. We can survive all of this.


Panaderos said...

I am no fan of GMA. However, I do agree with you that we do not need another Presidential ouster through street protests. If she is going to be ousted or removed from power, let it be through our democratic institutions and processes.

EDSA 1 and EDSA 2 were the result of institutional failures. People took matters into their own hands. We do not need an EDSA 3 and I think the low number of people showing up in the streets is a manifestation that a significant number of our countrymen feel the same way.

Let's just wait for 2010. Let's search and vote for better candidates. 2010 is just around the corner anyway.

the bystander said...

Bai, thanks for mentioning me in your blogpost. But I may have to object to your opinion that no one is worthy to replace her at the moment. In a previous post, I made an attempt to answer that question which was already asked by another commenter. Here's the link--

The best option for her is still resignation but we all know that she will not do it. Under the constitution, the only way a sitting president can be removed is through impeachment. Probem is, she has bastardized the process over and over again with her allies in the lower house.

My fearsome forecast: With all the scandals surrounding her, she won't step down in 2010.

lazarus said...

panaderos, i guess we share with the sentiment of the many out there.

bystander, bai. I just read your 2006 post about the alternative if ever GMA is ousted or impeached. There is really no guarantee. Let us just hope that she won't declare martial law before 2010.

bambit said...

People keep saying there are only two options: Gloria steps down to be replaced by someone else or for us to wait till she steps down (sabi nya) in 2010, meaning two more years of graft and corruption and of pseudo economic improvement.

There is a third option, and that is for people to claim power for themselves, decide on a transitional government led equally by leaders from different sectors of society, equally deciding on what's best for the country.

You may think that's impossible, but it's not. It will take a whole lot of work, but it will also require that we do away with our idea of a single leadership.

You can say "sus, imbes nga usa ra ka tawo ang mangurakot, daghan na hinuon". There are people in today's government who are honest, they may be a precious few, but there still are. There are people outside of the government who honestly believe they can do better for our country, and are doing so in their own communities. Let's bring these people up to where they can do more.

lazarus said...

Bambit, to oust her by force is extra-constitutional (if not unconstitutional). Without the support of the military, it's very difficult. She can be impeached. But considering the numbers of her allies in congress, it's almost impossible. She will not resign like Erap did.

Like you, i still believe that there are capable and honest leaders within and outside of government. But it's very difficult for them to get elected under the present electoral practice.

I remember once the position of Bro. Eddie when he ran for president. The appointed positions outnumbers the elected ones. And they are very crucial in government. If we only elect the right president, and for that president to appoint the right people, then these right people can easily bring positive change to their respective departments.