Friday, March 07, 2008

Ramiele Malubay: In American Idol’s Top 12

The 20 yr-old Ramiele Malubay is now on American Idol’s top 12. Her YahooTV! Biography says that “she currently lives in Miramar, FL, but was born in Saudi Arabia and spent her early years in the Philippines”. Duh, everybody knows that.

I have not heard her sing, or watched you tube videos of her. I just read her name in many entertainment news and publication. But since she is a Filipina, I will root for her. One does not really have to mind the scandalous photos now in the internet. They aren’t really scandalous.

But what interest me more is her name. Ramiele is a very cute and unique name for a lady. I am sure that plenty of babies born in 2008 will surely be named after her. And some would even dare name their pets Ramiele.

Go, Ramiele and win this idol contest. I hope Mr. Cowell will be nice to you till the end.


vernaloo said...

Unlike other contestants that were rumored to be this and that, Ramiele is pretty "clean". She sings way better than Jasmine Trias. She's charming and yeah, she's a Filipina so I want her to win too. If she's not going to be the American Idol for this season, I will still be happy for her to be on the top 3

tin-tin said...

i didn't know that. honest. she was born in saudi? di ko alam yun noh.hehe

scandalous pics?

bingskee said...

of course she is wayyyyy better than jasmine trias. i hope she gets the title. go ramiele!

Wil said...

di ko rin alam na galing sya sa pinas. sino ba si ramiele. sorry, i don't watch the show. hehe. but good luck to her. Who's Jasmine Trias? hehe

zherwin said...

and her idol is regine velasquez. during the top 24 first night, she sung a Lani Misalucha cover song with almost the same arrangement, the next week she talked in tagalog (as she was asked how to say How are you in filipino).

hope she did fared better than jasmine. :)