Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Car Insurance Is A Must

A decade ago, my dad’s vehicle was stolen. It was just parked in an unlighted street while they went to an uncle house to attend a party. They immediately reported it to the police who had not really acted on it. For months my dad and a neighbor tried to locate the vehicle even traveling to the neighboring islands. But their efforts were fruitless. The vehicle was not covered with a comprehensive insurance, and it was really a big loss for us.

They already lost hope when one of the children at church reported that he saw dad’s vehicle in their neighborhood. My dad and a few of his friends went there to find out. To his surprise, a policeman claimed ownership of the vehicle saying he bought it from someone. But a family friend who happened to be a close friend of a certain police general assisted my father. He contacted the general who immediately called up the policeman and commanded him to return the vehicle without question. There the lowly-ranked officer obliged. We got our vehicle back, almost a year after it was stolen.

In another story, a boss drove home sleepy from a meeting with a client. At 2am, he parked his Pajero in the sidestreet in front of his house. When he woke up, the car was already gone. Good thing his vehicle was covered with a comprehensive car insurance. He got paid.

Car insurance is a must these days. If you happen to be in a collision with another vehicle, imagine the cost to repair your car, his car, and the medical treatment of your injuries. Visit EZ Insurance Portal and make sure you are adequately insured.


Lawstude said...

i used to audit non-life insurance companies back in my early 20s and i agree with you that car insurance is a must. all that is needed is good and proper documentation to claim your insurance.

Lazarus said...

i agree 100% on the documentation thing.