Saturday, March 29, 2008

While Waiting for the 2007 Philippine Bar Exam Results...

UPDATE: 2007 Bar Exam Topnotchers and list of successful examinees here.

While waiting for the 2007 Philippine Bar Exam Results, I will give recognition to my online friends who successfully hurdled the bar exams in the past. These are the blogging lawyers:

The Bystander
Major Tom

My hats off to these great people. May you continue to shine in your profession!


Toe said...

Hehe... thanks Lazarus! Ladybug and I were classmates and magkabarkada in law school. :)

R-yo said...

thanks for the mention!

lazarus said...

toe, i have two classmates in high school na sa UPLaw School din nag graduate. baka ka-batch nyo yun?

aryo, you're welcome!

Major Tom said...

Thanks for mentioning me here although I must clarify that I haven't really yet passed the bar. But perhaps in your book, I have become a lawyer even just for a moment..he..he..thanks again.

Lawstude said...

Thanks for including me in your list. Take Care!!!