Thursday, March 27, 2008

Dotcom Site Still Down

It has been a week now and my dotcom site is still down. Prior to the re-setup, there was not a day that my site was up 100%. I envied my friend. His site is up most of the time, enjoying his targeted traffic. I did not really know the root cause of the problem so I sought help. I even installed a web host tracker on my site. But what can you do when the tech support is on a holiday or off duty?

“Patience is a virtue” I reminded my self many times now. But there are others who do not have the same kind of patience. They want the best web hosting company, and demand the best from it. 24/7 tech support, reliability, affordability and excellent service; these are very important for the website owners.

It’s really frustrating seeing your site appear now, then disappear later like bubbles. Part of effective blog planning is really choosing the best web hosting.

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