Friday, March 14, 2008

Pacquiao-Marquez Part 2: If Pacquiao Loses To Marquez

The whole of Mexico will definitely rejoice as if they conquered the whole of the Philippines. The streets will be filled with revelers, tables turned over at bars, stores looted and probably cars will be burned. I am imagining here a football world cup victory scenario which is unlikely to be matched by boxing, even if exaggerated.

De La Hoya would be smiling from ear to ear but it will be business as usual for Bob Arum. Those who wanted to beat Pacquiao like Valero, Diaz and Chris John will be filled with envy and would direct their ire at Marquez. Marquez will go to an undisclosed location to relax, still in awe of his controversial win despite his disfigured face. He will probably contemplate on retirement after having beaten the best fighter of his class.

What about the Philippines and the Filipinos? The streets will be empty and you will see people moving out from cinemas and bars with PPV airing the fight with heads bowed as if they lost half of their life and earnings along with loverboy Manny. They will go straight home, kick the dog on the door, sleep and avoid the sports news of the day.

After the brief undeclared ceasefire between the government and rebel forces, the sour losers will raise their arms and shoot like crazy. Those who win because they placed their bets on the Mexican will silently withdraw from the crowd and avoid any sign of ecstasy because a punch may fly anywhere. They too will wear a frown emphatizing with a mourning nation.

The day after, the protesters will be back on the streets demanding oil price rollback and for GMA to step down. Some sectors will even demand for Pacquiao’s retirement and a possibly, a senate inquiry of his winnings, and who gets kickbacks. It’s public knowledge that some high powers will be in Vegas on fight night.

To avert chaos, Manny should win this fight!


tutubi philippines said...

national tragedy yan if ever

manilenya said...

lol! kabisadong kabisado mo yung mundo ng boxing ha :) and of course pati na ang national issue sa pinas :)

Lazarus said...

tutubi, national tragedy talaga. It would look bad on GMA if Manny loses.

melai, lol! sports section ng newspaper ang una kong babasahin tapos yung headline.

Panaderos said...

Let Manny, through a victory over Marquez, be a unifying influence on all Pinoys even for just a short while.

Seriously, I'm rooting for Manny so that the draw he had with Marquez will finally be settled.

freeze said...

haha! let's remain apolitical whoever wins the fight.