Friday, December 07, 2007

Champs League 2008

The group stage of the UEFA Champions League for 2007/2008 is almost over. The familiar clubs names are still in. I’m just worried for Liverpool, the 2005 champion (2007 runner-up), for they are struggling in group A. I hope Steven Gerrard will lift them up again in their last qualifying game. FC Porto, the 2004 champions, is currently on a shaky lead. But I believe they’ll qualify again.

In group B, Chelsea sits on top. The two draws are obviously a dent in their record, but as long as they progress and eventually win the trophy, the angst of Mourinho’s exit will be forgotten. But their stars are injured, some physically, others emotionally. I hope they recover on time. As per European record, they have no trophy to boast.

As expected, Real Madrid leads group C. The nine-time champion fans expect nothing but the top prize, anything less is a disappointment. Ruud van Nistelrooy and Raul are two most lethal strikers in Europe today.

AC Milan, the seven-time and currently defending Champion, tops group D. Nobody expects them to drop out early. If they reach the semis, they could possibly win again because of their vast experience. Kaka is a very exciting player to watch.

FC Barcelona is another club to reckon with. They currently top group E. The 2006 champion is gifted with four most exciting players in the world in Ronaldinho, Lionel Messi (said to be the next Maradona), Thierry Henry and Samuel Eto’o. I can’t find any weakness in their present line-up.

Group F is lead by EPL champion Manchester United. There is the young Portuguese, Ronaldo, who wows the crowd with his wonderful plays. And of course, there is Wayne Rooney, another young English hotshot player who can score many goals.

Two heavyweights are in Group G. PSV Eindhoven and Inter Milan. Though both are champions in their respective leagues, I don’t see them reach the finals this year. Inter is currently on top of the tables, but PSV seems to be on an early exit.

Arsenal is currently behind Sevilla in group H, but may be able to catch up if they will win their next assignment. After Henry’s transfer to Barcelona, many ruled them out both in the Premiership and in the Champions League. But they’re proving their critics wrong. They’re now on top of the EPL despite the absence of big name players in their squad. Their youth and flare is their advantage. But still, I don’t see them beyond the semis.

So, who will be your pick to reach the final four? Mine would be AC Milan, Chelsea, Real Madrid and Barcelona. It’s so hard to say this, but I don’t think my Chelsea team can go beyond the semis. I’ll just have to wait and see though. I have not yet really moved on after Mourinho’s departure from Chelsea.


kyels said...

Are you a Liverpool fan?


lazarus said...

I'm a chelsea fan! :)

fingertalks said...

hi lazarus,

my talking fingers are back...after longish months of hiatus. i came back last month to the blogosphere but after a day or two, i messed my blog for another month...wahh..sobrang namis ko magblog at magbloghop..

but the blog is ok also updated na with your posts cos im using a feedaggregator wherein i can view all your new posts. hope u can try it..details here:

have a nice weekend!


tin-tin said...

bket wala manU sa final four?

lazarus said...

hi des, i visited your site many times, sometimes no updates, sometimes, it's down. but i'll surely visit your revitalized site.

tin, parang di ko feel manU sa Champs league this year.