Saturday, December 29, 2007

Shopping Rush - For the Godchildren

I still have to rush and buy gifts for 4 out of my 20++ godchildren. Tomorrow is my promised gift-giving day, and the children are expecting the gifts. Some even asked me about it last Sunday, but I have to be creative in my excuses.

"Be good little boy. Don't forget to come next Sunday" I said to one.

I also can't help the parents from asking in behalf of their little ones. I hummed, rolled my eyes and scratched the back of my neck. I just laughed. But they're really serious about it.


jho said...

ako din pupunta sa sunday at makikipila sa "gift giving" mo.

wala akong time mamili ng regalo kaya cash na lang.

Happy new year Lazarus!

Lazarus said...

pila ka? ha ha. happy new year to you, jho! nag-absent yung bata na sinabihan ko na dapat bumalik. i just relayed the message to his neighbor.