Tuesday, December 11, 2007

One Brave Cop

Today’s front page of the local daily reported contrasting fate of two young cops. A 28-year old policewoman was caught in an attempt to bribe the head of the Anti-Illegal Drugs Task Force while a 29-year old cop died of shooting while serving a warrant of arrest. The latter was awarded hours before his demise, as part of the team that successfully arrested a notorious shooting suspect last week.

I will not expound more on the one bad cop, but on the hero that died: PO1 Noriel Luage. He and a buddy were assigned to serve a warrant of arrest of a suspected gun-for-hire broker. As they were about to enter the house, someone switched off the lights. The buddy saw someone moving inside and Luage was quick enough to enter the dark room. But he was met with blazing bullets. It was so dark that the buddy fired back towards the direction of the sparks he saw. Luckily, he killed the perpetrator and barely missing the bullets fired at him.

Obviously, our cops never lacked courage. But they’re short of the equipment. If they were only equipped with hunting lights, spotlights or infrared devices, operating in the dark would have been safer and more efficient. Magnalight is a leading brand for these equipment. I saw how powerful their flashlights are, having seen one used by my father-in-law.

It’s just very unfortunate that PO1 Luage died young. His superiors spoke well of him, even highly praising his dedication to his job. We absolutely need more cops like him. But then, we also need the government to provide them the appropriate equipment.


aryo said...

What a waste!

Two of my brothers are police officers and I always pray for their safety. I swear they're doing their best to serve this country, just as PO1 Luage did.

lazarus said...

it sure is a waste, aryo.

In the following day's article in sunstar, the chief talked about equipment to aid the cops, like bullet proof vests, etc.. So many people are armed these days.

Annamanila said...

Aww. This thankful post made me feel good. So, not a bad year at all ha? I have also problogging in my mind, but i am two-minded about it. Congrats for the raise, the new service vehicle, but most of all for your supportive wife and friends and other people that make your life shine. Merry Christmas, Lazarus.