Friday, December 07, 2007

When We Grow Old

Who will care for you when you get old? You might say that it would be your kids. But what if you have none and all your closest relatives are busy with their lives and families? These are facts of life, you know.

You may say you have money alright. You placed enough effort to save and invest for the later years. The retirement pension may be more than enough for another couple or more decades. But you feel lonely most of the time as if the world conspires against you.

If you fear being alone, and or maybe you are the sweet lover past your golden years, but your love one’s health is deteriorating fast and you lack the strength to give her the best care. Then a care home is for you. Some of the care homes have the best facilities and carers around.

But that is not the only option though. You can also stay at home, enjoy your money and the solitude and have the carers regularly visit you. I prefer the second option, as long as I have the internet around. How about you?


Francesca said...

Laz, sabi ni Michel, we dont have time to get old.

we all live forever.

Sa France merong home for the retired.
Pero its better to die young than be there...

Josh of Arabia said...

good job bro!..I sense practical wisdom..more of this!

Abaniko said...

In the Philippines, it's not difficult to get someone to take care of you. Usually, it's a relative. So, it's the latter choice for me.

lazarus said...

francesca, musta ka na rin dyan? if we die young, sayang naman ang future. if we die old, at least we lived a full life. But for others, it may have prolonged their suffering though.

josh, thanks!

abaniko,that is if the mentality today will be the same when we grow old. What if we'd become more westernized? Nakakatakot na kung ganun.

dodong flores said...

Gaw, I opt for the second... :D

Annamanila said...

The scenario you have drawn is almost upon me now ... although most of my chilren are still with me and still making a nuisance of themselves. Joke. They're all loving children who I don't deserve.

Anyway, c'est la vie ... as long as, as you say, I have the internet :)