Friday, December 28, 2007

Improvised Soccer

I don’t know what got into the head of my wife when on Christmas day, she brought her nieces and nephews to an aunt’s house and there we played improvised soccer on the 200 sq.m. yard. No, she doesn’t really play soccer. The improvisation was just for fun and it shows her creativeness. Two monoblock chairs served as goal posts for the opposing sides.

There were four players for each team. I played opposite my wife. Her team was composed of her 22-yr old brother, a 14-yr old nephew and an 11-yr old niece. My team was composed of aunt’s family driver, an 18-yr old niece and a 7 yr-old nephew.

My wife is confident of her brother’s ability, for he played soccer during high school. She thought her team can beat us easily. But we disappointed her.

She didn’t know that the family driver also played soccer back in his province in Negros. He’s quick and skillful. My 7 yr old teammate is also fearless and even kicked feet and legs of opponents. I too showed my dribbling abilities and even made some attacking plays. But my weight and lack of endurance slowed me down. So I left it to the driver to finish the goals. He scored twice.

The game ended at 2-1, with our side having the advantage. But my wife asked for a rematch. We set New Year’s Day as our next playing date. She wanted the driver to be on her team. I offered a trade for her brother, but she declined and wanted both. She wanted to ensure victory the next time around.

I just smiled in return and thought of tricks on how to win again. I can’t really complain of her competitiveness.

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