Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Worst RP SEA Games Finish

From a defending champion to a beleaguered 6th placer, that is what we finished in the 2007 SEA (South East Asian) games. From 113 golds in 2005, we only garnered 41 in this year’s event. Vietnam and Singapore even fared better.

Our bets in swimming hauled 8 golds. Not bad at all. But we’re a disappointment in the other sports. Our boxers walked out. I don’t know if it’s justifiable. Knowing that judging is always biased in Thailand, no one can certainly dispute a knockout. They should have aimed for a TKO.

But did we lack government support? Is P100M not enough? Who should be blamed? Thailand? Well, maybe there’s something wrong with our own sports’ programs.

Despite the worst finish, we managed a total of 228 medals, second only to the host and eventual winner, Thailand. If only those medals were gold.


Abaniko said...

P100M for sports support is so small. Other countries have much bigger budgets. But the question is, does sports support translate into votes? You get my drift.

Lazarus said...

unless we're in italy wherein the career of its PM is dependent on its support of its national football team. haha. Maybe Pagcor should allocate more of its funds in sports development. I heard they earned the highest for government.