Saturday, December 29, 2007

Flowers for Emma

What is it about flowers that can melt a woman’s heart? Is it really the flowers or the romantic idea?

She didn’t answer his long distance calls for days now. While he, somewhere in KSA, didn’t have any idea why she acted that way. The quarrels were often petty but this one, especially the long days without proper communication, worried him. She kept her ground and just hid in her room most of the time.

But one day, a delivery man came knocking on her doors. "Flowers for Emma" he called out, bringing a bouquet of roses and fresh flowers. She was surprised as she read the note, “Missing you so badly. I love you!” She couldn’t believe it. This is the first time in their 3 years that he sent her flowers. Tears flowed down from her eyes and she carried the bouquet in her arms. “How beautiful these flowers are. I didn’t know he’s so romantic” she loudly said. Then her phone rang. She hurried to her room, answered the phone and they talked for hours.

My wife and I just smiled at these two young friends of ours. Ah, sweet love!


zherwin said...

it's because flowers are associated with romance, love, caring, thoughtfulness and the like. magdala ka lang ng bouquet of flowers yung mga nakakasalubong na babae kinikilig pano pa kaya kapag nabigyan.

partner that with a great timing and a heartfelt note, bull's eye! :)

happy new year lazarus.

btw, i made na your meme. :)

Lazarus said...

zherwin, thanks for doing the meme. a bouquet of flowers can really make a difference.