Thursday, December 13, 2007

Thankful Tag

It’s pretty unusual to receive a tag from the Fencesitter. But it’s something that he created for himself then shared it to his blogfriends. Here it goes: List 10 things that you are thankful for.

2007 is somewhat a roller coaster kind of a year for me. I may not have really shown it in my posts but it really is not an easy year. But I thank God for the following:

1. My Wife. Honestly, I have not shown this blog to her until recently. She asked why (which you may also ask). I really did not have a definite or a convincing answer. But I showed her my posts about the flowers she arranged and how my readers appreciated them. I also showed her my attempts at problogging and the possibility of earning dollars. Thank God I got her support on this one. And of course, for her love.

2. Problogging. I’m still tiptoeing when it comes to this thing, though I have a PR4. I only have very few sponsored posts so far, and I’m not dreaming of thousand bucks per month. (Ten thousands, actually. ha ha) At least, this is a diversion now that my interest in badminton is waning.

3. New laptop. Though company-owned, I can use this thing everywhere I go. The wifi access makes it possible for me to connect to the net in many places here in the Vis-Min area.

4. Company benefits. I got a raise! Though not necessarily the motivation, at least I have something. Plus, they replaced my 10-yr old service vehicle to a new one. It’s a more comfortable ride now.

5. A new hang-out near our place. Free wifi, affordable restaurants, not-so-crowded coffee shops, 24-hr Mcdo, these are just some of the things that makes the place great.

6. Safe trips. I have plenty of trips this year. Maybe more next year. But I thank God for his protection.

7. New badminton playmates. They meet TTHS, but I only join them on Saturdays. At least they welcome me, and I can just play the games I want without the excess baggage.

8. The internet. It’s very useful. Blogging, banking, buying things, finding infos, etc…I’m even planning of setting up an online flower shop in the near future.

9. Friends. They are very important to me. In my ups and downs, real friends extended their hands and hearts.

10. Fencesitter and Fencesitter. Perhaps this is the nth time I mentioned that he’s my mentor in blogging. Thank you mate! See you again next week in Manila.

So there goes my ten. There are no rules as to the number of people to tag. So I’m tagging 10: Vince, Zherwin, Mitch, Tin-tin, Daisy, Janeser, Francesca, Ghee, Tin and Aryo.


daisy said...

thanks for the tag! i like this :)

daisy of

Transformer said...

Will do it po! :) hmm, xmas ko po...

ghee said...

Hi Lazarus!its good to see you again!Nice at naalala mo pa pala ako,at may tag pa :) thanx!

well,you are a problogger na rin pala?thats great!and lots of blessings this year ha?congrats!

let me draft this first,ok?then ill let you know if im through :)


Francesca said...

Oi, sali ako, gusto ko ganyang tag...

sa dami ng mga gusto ko i thanks , baka mapuno buong page, haha.

Really I like it. Give me time. I will do it soooon!

Basta ikaw Laz!

teka, ituloy mo na yang flowershop, ten percent ako ha? wink!

zherwin said...

this is nice tag actually, a good one to end the year.

thanks, i'll do it... :)

fence said...

gah, thanks for the multiple links laz. mentor? basig mentos. nyaha. see you around.

CM said...

wee! thanks for tagging me kuya! there's really so much to thank for! God bless!

Lazarus said...

daisy, i'll check your site later.

bro vince, sige do it. i'll check your site this week.

ghee, i drop by your site every now and then. merry christmas to you and to your family.

Lazarus said...

francesca, sana matuloy na tong flowershop. he he. basta ikaw.

zherwin, it's really a nice tag from fence. i'll check your entry later.

fence, two plus one links na ha. ayo ayo diha bai.

Lazarus said...

cm, i agree. there are so many things to thank for. merry christmas to you! :)

Daisy said...

I'm done!!! :) yoohooooo!

Francesca said...

I did my assignment on thankful tag, teacher, hope I get A grades, hehe. Pls visit if its ok.
Happy holidays.