Sunday, December 30, 2007

A Large TV

My ex-boss was fond of window shopping during lunch breaks, and one time, he took his managers to SM Mall. First, we ate in a fastfood shop. Then he declared that he is going to buy a plasma tv for his living room and we are to help him scrutinize his eyed equipment. Our eyes widened in amazement. Not one of us owned such kind of tv.

After our sumptuous meal, we headed to appliance shop, surveyed their displays and watched the movies in the large screen. After unanimous approval from the group, the boss took out his credit card and used the 0% interest installment privileges that he have. Lucky for him! He even prodded his assistant to buy a similar tv.

If I were to buy a plasma or lcd TV, it should have a large enough so that I’ll no longer have to put my glasses on. I would mount in the wall of our small bedroom. A tv wall bracket would surely keep it safely tucked in the wall. Then my wife and I will watch tv till we sleep. Ah, I’m dreaming again!


CM said...

i've been eyeing for plasma TV too and those home-theater thingie. Well, libre lang mangarap. :)

happy new year!

bingskee said...

before buying a plasma tv i'd renovate the house muna he he para bumagay ang plasma tv.

happy new year, lazarus!

Lazarus said...

cm, possible mong maabot yan ng maaga. you are problogging naman di ba? ha ha.

bing, mas mahal ang house renovation kaysa plasma tv. hehe

Happy new year to both of you!