Friday, December 28, 2007

When A Family Loses The Breadwinner

The wife of a neighbor and family friend of ours woke up one day scared. Perhaps it was the news she received the day before that they lost another close friend due to stress and fatigued. She was very much worried about the way her husband works. He teaches at a local university at day, and does some sidelines as building contractor on his spare time. He is a workaholic. With his efforts, the family income quadrupled, and they could now afford things they couldn’t normally buy before.

She, though equipped with a business degree from a reputable school, is a stay-at-home-wife and a mom of three teenage boys. She worried that if her husband would die, she couldn’t take the challenge of having to raise them herself. So she thought about family life insurance. She asked friends on how to get the best rates and how to reduce premiums. At age 45, the premiums are higher compared to when you get insured at 20. He doesn’t smoke, nor have any vices. At least, by staying healthy, one can save money on insurance premium.

Her dilemma is common among families with only one breadwinner. What if the head of the families dies? Funerals are not cheap. Who will support those who are left? A few hundred thousand bucks can be drained in less than a year. This is where a life insurance is very important. Advantage term life, sells all types of life insurance. You can check their website to get a quote today.

And what happened to my neighbor? She forced her husband to buy insurance. She felt she can now sleep soundly with it.

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