Thursday, December 27, 2007

Exploring New Grounds

I’ve been treading on their grounds for some time now, having read about the buzz from some of my blogger friends. The grass is greener on their side, so they say, and I slowly strolled my way there to find it out for myself. This is the fun in crossing over; exploring new grounds and finding more opportunities wherever available. I did some digging on the archives of my problogging friends and used the search engine to find out more about paid opportunities.

It was exactly a month ago yesterday that my blog was approved. Yes, I signed up for payperpost in order to get paid for blogging. Joining is pretty easy. Go to their site, register an account and your blog. Wait for their approval, and when approved, a $20 awaits for your first post. That is not a small amount for a start. At the present peso-dollar exchange, that is already equivalent to more than a 3-day salary for a minimum wage earner in Cebu.

When you get paid to blog about the things you love, the financial reward is really something extra. Your own creativeness can be put to good use since you write about it your own way and your own style. Plus, they really have lots of opportunities waiting for posties.


Anonymous said...

Hello Lazarus,
congrats!good for you...

i just want to say one thing,maraming blogs ang nawaln ng ranking dahil sa pag pupost about PPP,kaya inalis ko ang mga banners ko dahil na penalized ang blog ko,fr PR4-PR3...anyways,who knows kung ano ba talaga ang gimik ng google.

Happy Holidays!!


Laz said...

i've seen blogs with ppp na di na penalize. i hope they'd spare this one.