Sunday, December 30, 2007

A Large TV

My ex-boss was fond of window shopping during lunch breaks, and one time, he took his managers to SM Mall. First, we ate in a fastfood shop. Then he declared that he is going to buy a plasma tv for his living room and we are to help him scrutinize his eyed equipment. Our eyes widened in amazement. Not one of us owned such kind of tv.

After our sumptuous meal, we headed to appliance shop, surveyed their displays and watched the movies in the large screen. After unanimous approval from the group, the boss took out his credit card and used the 0% interest installment privileges that he have. Lucky for him! He even prodded his assistant to buy a similar tv.

If I were to buy a plasma or lcd TV, it should have a large enough so that I’ll no longer have to put my glasses on. I would mount in the wall of our small bedroom. A tv wall bracket would surely keep it safely tucked in the wall. Then my wife and I will watch tv till we sleep. Ah, I’m dreaming again!

Saturday, December 29, 2007

Shopping Rush - For the Godchildren

I still have to rush and buy gifts for 4 out of my 20++ godchildren. Tomorrow is my promised gift-giving day, and the children are expecting the gifts. Some even asked me about it last Sunday, but I have to be creative in my excuses.

"Be good little boy. Don't forget to come next Sunday" I said to one.

I also can't help the parents from asking in behalf of their little ones. I hummed, rolled my eyes and scratched the back of my neck. I just laughed. But they're really serious about it.

Flowers for Emma

What is it about flowers that can melt a woman’s heart? Is it really the flowers or the romantic idea?

She didn’t answer his long distance calls for days now. While he, somewhere in KSA, didn’t have any idea why she acted that way. The quarrels were often petty but this one, especially the long days without proper communication, worried him. She kept her ground and just hid in her room most of the time.

But one day, a delivery man came knocking on her doors. "Flowers for Emma" he called out, bringing a bouquet of roses and fresh flowers. She was surprised as she read the note, “Missing you so badly. I love you!” She couldn’t believe it. This is the first time in their 3 years that he sent her flowers. Tears flowed down from her eyes and she carried the bouquet in her arms. “How beautiful these flowers are. I didn’t know he’s so romantic” she loudly said. Then her phone rang. She hurried to her room, answered the phone and they talked for hours.

My wife and I just smiled at these two young friends of ours. Ah, sweet love!

Friday, December 28, 2007

Improvised Soccer

I don’t know what got into the head of my wife when on Christmas day, she brought her nieces and nephews to an aunt’s house and there we played improvised soccer on the 200 sq.m. yard. No, she doesn’t really play soccer. The improvisation was just for fun and it shows her creativeness. Two monoblock chairs served as goal posts for the opposing sides.

There were four players for each team. I played opposite my wife. Her team was composed of her 22-yr old brother, a 14-yr old nephew and an 11-yr old niece. My team was composed of aunt’s family driver, an 18-yr old niece and a 7 yr-old nephew.

My wife is confident of her brother’s ability, for he played soccer during high school. She thought her team can beat us easily. But we disappointed her.

She didn’t know that the family driver also played soccer back in his province in Negros. He’s quick and skillful. My 7 yr old teammate is also fearless and even kicked feet and legs of opponents. I too showed my dribbling abilities and even made some attacking plays. But my weight and lack of endurance slowed me down. So I left it to the driver to finish the goals. He scored twice.

The game ended at 2-1, with our side having the advantage. But my wife asked for a rematch. We set New Year’s Day as our next playing date. She wanted the driver to be on her team. I offered a trade for her brother, but she declined and wanted both. She wanted to ensure victory the next time around.

I just smiled in return and thought of tricks on how to win again. I can’t really complain of her competitiveness.

When A Family Loses The Breadwinner

The wife of a neighbor and family friend of ours woke up one day scared. Perhaps it was the news she received the day before that they lost another close friend due to stress and fatigued. She was very much worried about the way her husband works. He teaches at a local university at day, and does some sidelines as building contractor on his spare time. He is a workaholic. With his efforts, the family income quadrupled, and they could now afford things they couldn’t normally buy before.

She, though equipped with a business degree from a reputable school, is a stay-at-home-wife and a mom of three teenage boys. She worried that if her husband would die, she couldn’t take the challenge of having to raise them herself. So she thought about family life insurance. She asked friends on how to get the best rates and how to reduce premiums. At age 45, the premiums are higher compared to when you get insured at 20. He doesn’t smoke, nor have any vices. At least, by staying healthy, one can save money on insurance premium.

Her dilemma is common among families with only one breadwinner. What if the head of the families dies? Funerals are not cheap. Who will support those who are left? A few hundred thousand bucks can be drained in less than a year. This is where a life insurance is very important. Advantage term life, sells all types of life insurance. You can check their website to get a quote today.

And what happened to my neighbor? She forced her husband to buy insurance. She felt she can now sleep soundly with it.

Thursday, December 27, 2007

Exploring New Grounds

I’ve been treading on their grounds for some time now, having read about the buzz from some of my blogger friends. The grass is greener on their side, so they say, and I slowly strolled my way there to find it out for myself. This is the fun in crossing over; exploring new grounds and finding more opportunities wherever available. I did some digging on the archives of my problogging friends and used the search engine to find out more about paid opportunities.

It was exactly a month ago yesterday that my blog was approved. Yes, I signed up for payperpost in order to get paid for blogging. Joining is pretty easy. Go to their site, register an account and your blog. Wait for their approval, and when approved, a $20 awaits for your first post. That is not a small amount for a start. At the present peso-dollar exchange, that is already equivalent to more than a 3-day salary for a minimum wage earner in Cebu.

When you get paid to blog about the things you love, the financial reward is really something extra. Your own creativeness can be put to good use since you write about it your own way and your own style. Plus, they really have lots of opportunities waiting for posties.

Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Christmas: Truce or Reconciliation

The government and the rebel forces declared a Christmas truce. How nice isn’t it? No bloody war for at least a week.

In our community, or even circles (families, friends, colleagues) some feuding parties (personalities) may have declared truce silently by just tolerating each other’s presence in parties and Christmas events. But meeting eye to eye is no-no. You know how it is after the season is over, everyone else will be back in their war rooms and put on in their battlegears. Conflicts are not resolved by mere ceasefires. And we can’t just be contented with temporary peace.

But someone up there gave us a peace that lasts; lasting reconciliation not just any truce. God sent His own son, Jesus Christ so that we can be reconciled to Him (2 Cor 5:19). Even if we don’t know it, we rebelled against God by committing sins. And we deserve a penalty. (Romans 6:23) But it is by his mercy and love that He offered his gift of eternal life to anyone who believes in His son Jesus Christ (John 3:16).

May you my dear friends enjoy the true reconciliation this season; first to God, then to those people around you. God bless!

Widening The Road

I'm widening a bit my road in problogging. I registered in Blogsvertise and will soon write reviews for their advertisers.

It is so easy to join. Go to their site, register your account and blog, and then wait for their approval. Once approved by the administrator, your blog is inserted into the assignment queue. Then you will be emailed tasks and new assignments to write about in your blog.

Writing an entry is not a really a big hassle. You can review the advertiser’s site, compliment it, relate it in your everyday life, or even complain about it (hmmm…I’m not sure if complaining is a good idea). Make a link to the website at least 3 times in your blog/journal entry. You can write it your style.

Once your blog entry is approved, Blogsvertise will pay you after 30 days via paypal. Again, you MUST have a paypal account in order to be paid. This is just some added power to the blogger.

Saturday, December 22, 2007

Christmas Gift: Awards

Merry Christmas Everyone!

Kind bloggers gave me awards. I really felt unworthy with all of these. Julai first bestowed me the Egel Nest Award. The award was first given out by Bradley Egel for the blogs he felt deserving of his brand of Blog Excellence Award.

Then Ivy gave me the “Sweet Treat Award”. I’m totally dumbfounded. It took me months before I recovered from such kindness. Thank you, thank you very much!

Now I’m bestowing these awards to the following (of my personal choice):

The problogging masters: Carey, Javi and Sasha. Their blogs also served as my resource when I crossed over.

The literary masters: Rey for poetry, and Ayen for flash fiction. I just love how these guys put magic into words. By the way, Ayen’s story is included in a book. Go check out his site.

The photography masters: Ferdz and Abaniko. Awesome, amazing, exhilarating, indescribable, great! I ran out of adjectives to describe their photos.

The happy bloggers: Verns, Gypsy, Francesca and Tin-tin. Their positive outlook in life is contagious.

There you go my blogger friends. I'm sure plenty of you already received awards, as these have been in the net for sometime now. May we all enjoy the holidays and may the love of God be with us all!

Friday, December 21, 2007

The Game of Chance

What is so attractive about gambling when the chance of winning is close to nil? My grandpa loves cockfighting, and he is seldom absent from the Sunday affair, even at the point of skipping church. Even in the game of checkers, he loves putting up bets against daring challengers. At both games, he has 50-50 chance of winning.

When he lived in a care home in America sometime in the late 2000, he sneaked out with another retiree and went to Vegas to spend a few hundred bucks. He did not report any winnings. Just break even, he said. If he will learn about online casino, I’m sure he’s going to try his luck into it.

You see, internet gambling is so rampant these days that websites like offers review on most of the online casinos. Ratings, winnings and even the amount of jackpots are exhibited to attract more players.

I’m not into these though, but I can challenge my grandpa in a game of chess. The odds are with me.

Internet Security

I remembered the time when we didn’t have firewall security, and everyone else just dialed up to connect to the internet. A boss was given a laptop despite his lack of computer knowledge. He was so excited to wade into the internet ocean when he suddenly clicked into a site inviting viruses into his hard disk. (I guess you all have an idea on what sites are filled with internet monsters.) The worst thing happened and sent shivers to his spine. He put his laptop into eventual retirement, and precious company data were sent to limbo never to be recovered. A disaster is imminent without internet security.

ZoneAlarm Internet Security is a sure way of protecting your PC and network from viruses, spywares and all those damaging attacks from all levels. It delivers proactive firewall protection with multiple layers of security that stop inbound, outbound, and program attacks while remaining completely invisible to hackers. Check out their site for their many product offerings. It’s better to be safe than sorry.

Thursday, December 20, 2007

Commotion At The Airport

I was waiting for my evening flight to Cebu when there was a commotion at the domestic airport’s pre-departure area. It was not a bomb scare. But it felt like one for a mother who was milking her infant when a mentally ill person suddenly grabbed the bottled milk of her baby and sucked it for himself. She immediately ran way leaving her belongings.

Another waiting lady passenger jumped right away from her seat when the man suddenly faced her. She ran to the passenger assistance counter, and pointing her fingers at the insane man.

He never appeared violent. In fact, he looked so calm enjoying his milk. He stood up every now and then, and an old lady, who seemed to be her mother, kept holding him. Airline and airport security personnel surrounded the hapless man who was carrying 4 or 5 bags, two of which were not his. (He must be a porter since he carried them with ease.) He moved back and forth trying to evade everyone, including his mother. He never looked anyone in the eye, but rather on the floor. Maybe the airline delay agitated him, as he also kept on looking outside the glass window towards the parked plane.

I was only a few feet away so I just took the liberty of taking a picture. But it dawned on me: What are the rights of mentally ill person? Are they allowed to ride airplanes which may put every one else at risk? What if he was on the plane with us when his illness struck?

If I remembered it right, there was a hi-jacking incident a few years ago of a domestic airline. The culprit was a mentally troubled man. A steward was brave enough to face him. The man asked for a parachute. Then he jumped from the plane as if he knew anything about skydiving. The passengers were relieved. The steward was hailed as hero. The parachute didn’t work though.

Hotel Reservations

Early this year, when my wife and a friend were scheduled to take the NCLEX exam in Hong Kong, they worried a lot about where to stay. Friends and relatives who had been to the place comforted them saying that it’s very easy to find a hotel there.

But my wife was unsettled. We tried to call long-distance a certain number but they're full. So I helped her in the Hotel Reservations, assuring her that she can really find a best value hotel. Using the internet, I searched for affordable hotels and inns around Kowloon area. I had no qualms in giving my credit card number. The reservation process was so easy.

When they arrived at the hotels' entrance, they were gladly ushered in by the manager and staff, hassle-free.

In they have lots of offerings like hotels, motels, vacation rentals and packages, resorts, etc.. They also offer special internet rates, which can even be cheaper than when you just walk in without a reservation. If you want to make reservations in some great hotels and vacation places either in Hong Kong, New York or Cebu, or any place you want, you can check out their website now.

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Worst RP SEA Games Finish

From a defending champion to a beleaguered 6th placer, that is what we finished in the 2007 SEA (South East Asian) games. From 113 golds in 2005, we only garnered 41 in this year’s event. Vietnam and Singapore even fared better.

Our bets in swimming hauled 8 golds. Not bad at all. But we’re a disappointment in the other sports. Our boxers walked out. I don’t know if it’s justifiable. Knowing that judging is always biased in Thailand, no one can certainly dispute a knockout. They should have aimed for a TKO.

But did we lack government support? Is P100M not enough? Who should be blamed? Thailand? Well, maybe there’s something wrong with our own sports’ programs.

Despite the worst finish, we managed a total of 228 medals, second only to the host and eventual winner, Thailand. If only those medals were gold.

Monday, December 17, 2007

A Suitable Web Host

I want my own dotcom next year and I’m starting my search for web host now.

But finding a suitable web host is no longer a problem these days. Whether you want it for business or just for personal reasons, there is always one that fits your need. If you are new to web hosting, is a great site where you can learn and explore the basics of web hosting. In their FAQ page, they answer questions that might trouble you for sometime.

If you also have specific needs, the site has this web hosting plans directory. If you further need to drill to specifics, they have this advanced search that allows you to pick every single feature you want in your site.

Isn’t this great? Web Hosting Choice is really a helpful resource to web hosting.

The Driver

Sometimes, I wonder what it is to be a cab driver or a chauffer. I once said to a boss that I might probably be a cab driver when I migrate to the US. He laughed. He too declared he wants to be a driver when he retires.

Friday I took a leave from work to assist our youngest sister in her wedding preparations. It was the day before her wedding day and she still have to go to some place to check on the outfit of the entourage and the flower baskets, have their picture taken for the guest book, buy other items, attend rehearsals, etc…. I volunteered to be their driver for the day.

We set out early morning to the downtown of Cebu. Traffic was just moderate. Since parking is problem, I dropped off my sister and her husband-to-be at the busy Colon Street (the oldest street in the Philippines). I also dropped off my wife in Manalili Street. She assisted my sister in the preparations. If you’re familiar with Cebu City, these two streets are really the busiest during the day. Good thing there was a vacant parking space towards the end of Manalili Street. It saved me from circling around the busy area.

We were out on the streets whole day, traversing between downtown Cebu, Mandaue City, and back to uptown Cebu. There were times when I felt a stinging pain in my left ankle, the one that got injured a couple of years ago in a badminton tournament. But I just tolerated the pain.

My wife and I planned to have a haircut and probably have our hair dyed, but we never had the chance. Between 9-11pm, we were still looking for a dress my wife would wear for the wedding. We’re glad to have bought a P250 (at 30% discount) purple dress at a night bazaar. We went home very very tired, but quite satisfied we did our job for the day.

Saturday was the big day. The wedding was in the afternoon and my wife still had to purchase flowers and design the headdresses of the bride and the entourage in the morning. As the obedient driver, I drove her to the Carbon Market. Then in the afternoon, my car was used as the bridal car and I was again the driver. I wore an apple green colored polo shirt, brown tie and a purple jacket, which did not in anyway complement their wedding color motif.

I had a little chat with my sister while she was inside the car, waiting for her march. She was really really grateful for her big brother’s help. I just smiled and said, “This is your big day, Sis. Just relax and enjoy it.”

Sunday was a free day for me so I just dozed off in the afternoon. But I felt pain in my lower calf and left ankle. This must now be the after effect of my two days work as a driver. This job ain’t really easy. Now, I want a massage.

Lament of a Football Fan

I once had this friendly argument with a colleague as to the universal scope of some popular sports. “Football is the world’s most popular sport” I strongly argued.

“No. It’s basketball” he insisted.

Perhaps after thorough research a week after, he backed down from his claim. But he was not alone in his glorification of basketball. Filipinos do love basketball, and most actually thinks that the NBA is bigger than FIFA, and that football is the game played by men with helmets and oversized suits.

See the effects of the American colonizers on us? We call the traditional football soccer (sounds like sucker), just like they call it in the USA, when the rest world call it football. And guess what? The Philippines did not send a football team to the 2007 SEA games because they think we have a very slim chance of winning. So, where is the long-term program they talked about years ago? There was already a faint ray of hope when our world standings improved a few notch higher a couple of years ago.

As for me and the few football fans here in RP, we just have to mingle with the worldwide fans in rooting for the big clubs and the strong footballing nations. Thank God for cable TVs! No local channel carries the beautiful game. And we have no local teams to cheer on.

Thursday, December 13, 2007

Thankful Tag

It’s pretty unusual to receive a tag from the Fencesitter. But it’s something that he created for himself then shared it to his blogfriends. Here it goes: List 10 things that you are thankful for.

2007 is somewhat a roller coaster kind of a year for me. I may not have really shown it in my posts but it really is not an easy year. But I thank God for the following:

1. My Wife. Honestly, I have not shown this blog to her until recently. She asked why (which you may also ask). I really did not have a definite or a convincing answer. But I showed her my posts about the flowers she arranged and how my readers appreciated them. I also showed her my attempts at problogging and the possibility of earning dollars. Thank God I got her support on this one. And of course, for her love.

2. Problogging. I’m still tiptoeing when it comes to this thing, though I have a PR4. I only have very few sponsored posts so far, and I’m not dreaming of thousand bucks per month. (Ten thousands, actually. ha ha) At least, this is a diversion now that my interest in badminton is waning.

3. New laptop. Though company-owned, I can use this thing everywhere I go. The wifi access makes it possible for me to connect to the net in many places here in the Vis-Min area.

4. Company benefits. I got a raise! Though not necessarily the motivation, at least I have something. Plus, they replaced my 10-yr old service vehicle to a new one. It’s a more comfortable ride now.

5. A new hang-out near our place. Free wifi, affordable restaurants, not-so-crowded coffee shops, 24-hr Mcdo, these are just some of the things that makes the place great.

6. Safe trips. I have plenty of trips this year. Maybe more next year. But I thank God for his protection.

7. New badminton playmates. They meet TTHS, but I only join them on Saturdays. At least they welcome me, and I can just play the games I want without the excess baggage.

8. The internet. It’s very useful. Blogging, banking, buying things, finding infos, etc…I’m even planning of setting up an online flower shop in the near future.

9. Friends. They are very important to me. In my ups and downs, real friends extended their hands and hearts.

10. Fencesitter and Fencesitter. Perhaps this is the nth time I mentioned that he’s my mentor in blogging. Thank you mate! See you again next week in Manila.

So there goes my ten. There are no rules as to the number of people to tag. So I’m tagging 10: Vince, Zherwin, Mitch, Tin-tin, Daisy, Janeser, Francesca, Ghee, Tin and Aryo.

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

One Brave Cop

Today’s front page of the local daily reported contrasting fate of two young cops. A 28-year old policewoman was caught in an attempt to bribe the head of the Anti-Illegal Drugs Task Force while a 29-year old cop died of shooting while serving a warrant of arrest. The latter was awarded hours before his demise, as part of the team that successfully arrested a notorious shooting suspect last week.

I will not expound more on the one bad cop, but on the hero that died: PO1 Noriel Luage. He and a buddy were assigned to serve a warrant of arrest of a suspected gun-for-hire broker. As they were about to enter the house, someone switched off the lights. The buddy saw someone moving inside and Luage was quick enough to enter the dark room. But he was met with blazing bullets. It was so dark that the buddy fired back towards the direction of the sparks he saw. Luckily, he killed the perpetrator and barely missing the bullets fired at him.

Obviously, our cops never lacked courage. But they’re short of the equipment. If they were only equipped with hunting lights, spotlights or infrared devices, operating in the dark would have been safer and more efficient. Magnalight is a leading brand for these equipment. I saw how powerful their flashlights are, having seen one used by my father-in-law.

It’s just very unfortunate that PO1 Luage died young. His superiors spoke well of him, even highly praising his dedication to his job. We absolutely need more cops like him. But then, we also need the government to provide them the appropriate equipment.

Monday, December 10, 2007

The Honest Driver

As I was enjoying a cup of coffee and free wifi, one of the coffe shop attendants arrived riding a taxi. I did not really take notice of her until a couple of minutes later when she panicked realizing that she left her phone on the cab.

“Consider it gone. What can you expect of people these days?” said one of her coworkers.

“Give him a ring. Offer him money just to return your phone.” suggested another.

She dialed her own cellphone number and was glad it was ringing. But no one picked it up at the other end. Then she sent a text message begging anyone who happens to find her phone to return it at the coffee shop.

“You’d be fortunate if he returns the phone.” said the guy who made the pessimistic comment earlier. “You’d better look for a new phone.”

“I bought that phone only a week ago, and I’ve reloaded it just this afternoon” said the hapless girl. “I’m sure he’ll return it.”

Then a cab parked in front of the shop. The driver stepped down with the phone in his hand. The girl jumped with joy. From a distance I saw her hand in something to the cabbie, which he initially refused. She forced it though and the driver accepted it with a smile.

When she went inside the coffee shop, she was ecstatic. But then, she worried if the P100 she gave to the driver was enough a reward. She narrated how the driver heard the phone ringing but did not answer it because he didn’t know how to operate the thing. He happened to be nearby without a passenger so he did not hesitate in making a u-turn to return the phone.

I am a witness to the event. There certainly are honest people in our country today. And we just have to continue in believing despite the fact that we’re somewhere on top of the list of most corrupt nations. Thank God for honest Filipinos!

Friday, December 07, 2007

When We Grow Old

Who will care for you when you get old? You might say that it would be your kids. But what if you have none and all your closest relatives are busy with their lives and families? These are facts of life, you know.

You may say you have money alright. You placed enough effort to save and invest for the later years. The retirement pension may be more than enough for another couple or more decades. But you feel lonely most of the time as if the world conspires against you.

If you fear being alone, and or maybe you are the sweet lover past your golden years, but your love one’s health is deteriorating fast and you lack the strength to give her the best care. Then a care home is for you. Some of the care homes have the best facilities and carers around.

But that is not the only option though. You can also stay at home, enjoy your money and the solitude and have the carers regularly visit you. I prefer the second option, as long as I have the internet around. How about you?

Champs League 2008

The group stage of the UEFA Champions League for 2007/2008 is almost over. The familiar clubs names are still in. I’m just worried for Liverpool, the 2005 champion (2007 runner-up), for they are struggling in group A. I hope Steven Gerrard will lift them up again in their last qualifying game. FC Porto, the 2004 champions, is currently on a shaky lead. But I believe they’ll qualify again.

In group B, Chelsea sits on top. The two draws are obviously a dent in their record, but as long as they progress and eventually win the trophy, the angst of Mourinho’s exit will be forgotten. But their stars are injured, some physically, others emotionally. I hope they recover on time. As per European record, they have no trophy to boast.

As expected, Real Madrid leads group C. The nine-time champion fans expect nothing but the top prize, anything less is a disappointment. Ruud van Nistelrooy and Raul are two most lethal strikers in Europe today.

AC Milan, the seven-time and currently defending Champion, tops group D. Nobody expects them to drop out early. If they reach the semis, they could possibly win again because of their vast experience. Kaka is a very exciting player to watch.

FC Barcelona is another club to reckon with. They currently top group E. The 2006 champion is gifted with four most exciting players in the world in Ronaldinho, Lionel Messi (said to be the next Maradona), Thierry Henry and Samuel Eto’o. I can’t find any weakness in their present line-up.

Group F is lead by EPL champion Manchester United. There is the young Portuguese, Ronaldo, who wows the crowd with his wonderful plays. And of course, there is Wayne Rooney, another young English hotshot player who can score many goals.

Two heavyweights are in Group G. PSV Eindhoven and Inter Milan. Though both are champions in their respective leagues, I don’t see them reach the finals this year. Inter is currently on top of the tables, but PSV seems to be on an early exit.

Arsenal is currently behind Sevilla in group H, but may be able to catch up if they will win their next assignment. After Henry’s transfer to Barcelona, many ruled them out both in the Premiership and in the Champions League. But they’re proving their critics wrong. They’re now on top of the EPL despite the absence of big name players in their squad. Their youth and flare is their advantage. But still, I don’t see them beyond the semis.

So, who will be your pick to reach the final four? Mine would be AC Milan, Chelsea, Real Madrid and Barcelona. It’s so hard to say this, but I don’t think my Chelsea team can go beyond the semis. I’ll just have to wait and see though. I have not yet really moved on after Mourinho’s departure from Chelsea.

Thursday, December 06, 2007

Bye Bye Dust

I first tried using a vacuum cleaner at church, cleaning the sanctuary floors when our caretaker was sick. The youth group at that time was temporarily assigned the job, and being the leader, I was enthusiastic about it. The machine was quite an improvement for us actually, because we used do it by broom and coconut husks. At first try, my hands trembled a bit, but it eventually settled on the handle. I supposed the vacuum cleaner was very easy to use. I’ve seen people operating and maneuvering them with ease, like those utility men and those car wash boys.

These cleaners actually suck dirt and garbage like loose pet hair and trash particles in your floors and carpets. They are also very effective in cleaning those hard-to-reach corners. But it is also very important to have the right vacuum cleaner parts from a reputable company. At Dyson, they offer various models and types of vacuum cleaners. Accessories are also available at their site. It will surely make ones cleaning job easier. So bye bye, dust!

Monday, December 03, 2007

Delayed Takeoff

I was still sleepy when I boarded the 635am plane bound for Manila. I must have slept for a few minutes when the plane positioned itself on the runway. Then it began to gain speed for the takeoff. But after a few seconds, the pilot stepped on the brakes causing a little commotion on the startled passengers. He announced that we have to return to the tarmac for a quick maintenance check up. That calmness of his voice was quite a relief.

I really didn’t know what I felt at that time. In my frequent travels, this is the first time I encountered such. No, it wasn’t fear. I just could not explain it. I immediately sent a text message to my wife informing her of our situation.

When the plane crew allowed us to go to the pre-departure area, as our scheduled departure was changed to 830am, I immediately left my seat. The first thing that came to my mind was to fill my empty stomach. I bought a bunwich and a cup of coffee. Good thing I met badminton acquaintance at the pre-departure area. The little chat about badminton and the plane’s mechanical problem seemed to have eased me a little bit. I returned to the plane upon hearing the final call.

When the plane safely landed at the Manila domestic airport, I whispered a short prayer thanking the Lord for the safe travel.

Saturday, December 01, 2007

Emergency Cash

No matter how we want to control our everyday activities there will always be unplanned events that may come our way. Like your bonus was not released on time and you have bills piled up due within 5 days. Or when your sis suddenly had a caesarian delivery and looked up to you for help. Or you may need immediate cash because you issued a post dated check due days before your payday. Where do you get cash?

In times like these, it is better to have plan B. No, don’t go to the pawnshops and have your wedding ring pawned. All you need is a click to a website that offers payday loans. They offer you cash advances up to $1,500. After filing up the online application form and submission, you will receive an email of approval or denial. Once approved, and after submitting all other requirements, they will release your loan direct to your checking account safely and securely. The releasing can even be done overnight. There is no need for you to queue in long lines either. Everything can be done at the comfort of your home.