Friday, February 15, 2008

Brand-Conscious Shopping

I don’t remember anymore the last time my wife and I shopped for clothes together. Was it last December? Yep, once last December. It was because she was looking for new clothes to wear on my sister’s wedding. We found what she wanted at a night bargain store, and not in some popular malls.

She’s not into brands. Unlike her, I put some premium on brands. I value very much my Florsheim shoes that I don’t use them very often. It’s kind of reserving it only for special occasions. I kept on returning to the Lacoste shop because I like to buy one of their displayed jackets. I never bought one though despite after many of the visits. I’m also impressed at one yellow Burberry t-shirt that I’d surely buy it when I see it again, wishing that they’d sell it at a discount. I am also hoping to replenish some of my Adidas dry fit shirts.

Now, one can do online clothing shopping at Smart Bargains,, Figleaves and Bloomingdales. These are big name stores that sell heavyweight brands. And they are now into the online business. At, you can get coupons, discounts and coupon codes so that you can get great-value prices when you do online shopping at premium stores.

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