Monday, February 04, 2008

Valentine's Day: What's Your Plan?

I am not sure if the ladies do make the plans or just wait for their man to do it. For guys, what would you do when your wife asks you, “What’s your plan for both of us this coming Valentine’s Day?”

“I’ll just surprise you” is my usual reply. That reply meant that I still have to make plans. I can always blame that on work and busyness. You know those fancy restaurants are fully reserved on this love day and walk-ins are seldom accepted. Plans should be in place and contingencies 1 and 2 are on the sides. When you have the same partner for a long time, being innovative on a date is really a big challenge.

Here are some tips on the planning thing:

1. Budget. Set aside a budget on this one. It doesn’t have to be a five figure thing, but you know well what money can do. You can always rent a yacht or a chopper (if it won't scare you) if you have overflowing cash. Don’t just bring your plastic. You can never know if the system bogs down and you might end up embarrassed. Bring cash. But don’t overspend that you end up living like a pauper for the rest of the year.

2. Location. It could be a challenge if you don’t go out more often. Traditionally, the classy restaurants are the first options. But the rich may have fully reserve all the slots. Try to check some internet forums and get ideas on the recommended places. You can check it out yourself and reserve a table asap. But don’t go to remote places that you end up being robbed. A date on top of a hill overlooking the city might be romantic, but don’t put yourself and your date on a risk.

3. Reservations. Reserve that chopper or that limo now. He he. If it’s a hotel suite and a private dinner for two, reserve it now. You can’t immediately get a table if you just walk in to some fancy place. Even the fastfoods are filled with people on that day. Or if you want a musician or a band to add to the romantic flavor, go reserve them now.

4. Ambience. This one is a must for that romantic mood. The place may have that valentine’s decors but if it’s too noisy, then it won’t help. A band serenading the couples, or candles and flowers on the table tops, would create a nice ambience. You can have a band to yourself, if you pay for their services. You can also go to a beach resort, have a table arranged at the seaside, and hire a musician to serenade you. Or you can just listen to the breeze and the rushing tide.

5. Gifts. Many times I bypassed this one, though my wife never failed to give me one. But it is lovelier if you bring a gift for your date. It could be a bouquet of fresh flowers or just as simple as a card. You could be techie too by giving her or him that gadget he or she wished to buy for the longest time.

Now that I’ve listed the tips, what’s my real plan? My wife and I are actually gonna postpone our plans to the weekend after. We’re going to sell flowers on Valentine’s Day. So it would be all business for us on that day. But who says we can’t celebrate a perfect date other than on the 14th? I’m sure there won’t be much competition on the 15th or the 16th.


Major Tom said...

I usually have those roses well-prepared and perhaps a good meal outside, with the kids now.

But hey, these are good advises. I'll think it out if I can get a yatch or a copter. Maybe I'd sell my house first...he..he.. :-)

lady cess said...

hay, ang swerte ng asawa ko sa akin. im just not into valentines. seriously. anniversaries and birthdays, im big on those, pero valentines, naaaah. minsan nga hindi ko namamalayan nakalipas na pala. a greeting, a kiss and a hug, ok na sa akin. sometimes he buys chocolates and i'm tickled pink na.

Abaniko said...

If I were married, I'd also go out on a special date with my partner after the 14th. There's just too many people on Valentine's Day.

Miki said...

at least you both get to be surrounded by flowers on that day... and earn at the same time hehehe

Mitch said...

You're tagged >

niceheart said...

Looks like you have a lot of experience in Valentine dating. :) These are really good tips.

vernaloo said...

hmmmm flowers is all I ask =)

lazarus said...

major tom, i got a friend piloting a huey who is now based in zamboanga. but no, not a huey for a date. he he.

lady cess, i'm sure he has plans now.

abaniko, yeah the 14th is just too crowded. but it's a challenge to get some space.

lazarus said...

miki, yeah we'd be surrounded by flowers. i hope my presence would not wilt them. hehe.

mitch, i'll check out that tag. :)

niceheart, making mistakes in the process is quite a good teacher.

verns, may you receive plenty on valentine's day!

jho said...

valentines na pala. last year I got a bouquet of flowers and a cake. I even have the pics of it stored at my phone.

Btw, did the tag already.

zherwin said...

a date on valentine's is not practical, unless you can control everything, it can never go without a hassle or two, there are so many people fighting for whatever's left in the restaurant, theaters or even hotels! the best way or day to do that is after the storm, a week after maybe.

good thing both lyn and i were not really into valentine's day ceremonies, andaming araw for that, less hassle pa :)