Friday, February 29, 2008

Reyna Elena's Social Climbing Logo Contest

I promised Kotsengkuba my vote last week. But I totally forgot about it due to a death in the family. This morning, as I drove to the office, I suddenly remembered the Social Climbing Logo Contest. The due date was set on the 28th, and that was yesterday. Good thing the gracious Queen specified it as NY Time, and adding the 12nn Manila time on the 29th.

So here's my vote:

No.1. The entry of Kotsengkuba (5 votes)

I do not have the time to post the logos of the others but I find them all nicely done.

No. 2 - Ambo (4 votes) World peace!

No. 3 - Malen 2 (3 votes)

No. 4 - Itot54joni (2 votes)

Number 5 - Malen 1 (1 vote)

You still have an hour an a half before voting ends. Vote and be counted now!

1 comment:

itot54joni said...

maraming salamat po!mabuhay po kayo!