Thursday, February 21, 2008

Republicans vs Democrats: The Narrow Bend

Obama zoomed ahead over Madamme Hillary with the latest win in Wisconsin and Hawaii, his 9th and 10th successive wins. It would probably take a miracle for a comeback. Hillary needs landslide victories in the remaining states.

John McCain's lead is also getting bigger. He's the most likely winner in the Republican race. I admit that I like Huckabee, probably because of his preacher background. It's the same thing when I voted for a preacher to become the President of the Philippines. I have very high regard for them.

I heard from someone that if it's Obama vs McCain, the latter has a very high chance of winning. A Clinton vs McCain would be favorable for the Democrats. Of course, there is no real basis for that. Everyone would just like to be political analysts everytime there is an election, just like the barbers in Gorordo Avenue.

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