Friday, February 01, 2008

To Palawan

I’ve never been to Palawan, that isolated island west of where I am. I heard it is paradise. I got to see it for myself. I’ll be there next week. But too bad it is not for leisure. My schedule is already full with meetings and trainings. I don’t know if I would have a time to meet a cousin I haven’t seen for years. If he is free past 9pm on Tuesday, perhaps we could enjoy coffee and a lively conversation. Too bad I only have less than 30 hours to breathe the Palawan air and perhaps kiss its soil.

But I promise I’ll be back another day.


Fence said...

bay, you need to extend for at least a day. think about the cost benefit! I'm sure your boss will understand. Too bad the wife is not coming along. Perhaps you should ask her to come, at least you'll save one return flight's worth of money. you could use that to spend on the tours and the snorkling.

laz said...

fence, i'm tempted to do just that.

backpacking philippines said...

palawan is a realnice place. been to coron and puerto princesa but not been able to visit other places due to a tragic incident there 2 years ago

Josh of Arabia said...

Ako ang naexcite para sayo bro, ah....where in Palawan will u be? Sana you�ll be given more time: super xciting mag beach-hopping don, If you happen to be in El Nido (pls do visit my chinoy friend�s Elm Street Caf�)

W/ its historical caves, cliff-climbing adventures, and the very friendly townpeeps, Palawan is a sure must-see for everyone. Tho brief, do seize the view, grab some shots!  and..balik kayo ron..

lazarus said...

tutubs, sad about tragic thing.

josh, airport-office-hotel-restaurant-hotel-office-airport lang ang itinerary ko dito. huhu.