Friday, February 15, 2008

Almost Towed

It was past midnight when we went to the downtown market to purchase flowers. I parked my car just in front of a “No Stopping” sign. My wife and my niece stepped out and I just waited for them inside the car.

A BMW car was parked on the opposite side of the road. Another parked behind mine. They were also purchasing flowers that evening. I was very tired after having played badminton that I napped inside the car. Then I suddenly remembered that I was not sleeping in our bed. I woke up just in time for the City Traffic Officers to arrive with two tow trucks. I switched on the engine and slowly moved my car. I just made some turns and returned to that same street.

They towed the BMW and the car parked behind me. The owners could not believe what they saw. They arrived too late. I know the penalty for that is very high.

When my wife hopped inside the car she mockingly said, “Good thing you were not asleep”.

“I was, but I woke up just in time. I wonder why they have an operation at this hour. It’s past midnight.”

“God probably woke you up. We don’t have money to pay for the penalty.”

“I agree. God is good!” Then we head for home.


Wil said...

Or maybe God doesn't like BMWs. hehe.

I had my car towed once. I called the towing company and they offered to give me a ride to where they towed my car. It was pretty awkward riding with the tow truck driver who towed my car.

Lazarus said...

Lol, wil. Baka nga mercedez gusto. it was rather unusual coz it's already past midnight. nagtripping lang siguro.

tutubi philippines said...

mainit sa mata BMW lalo na sa mga "mababait" na tao...good you woke up on time

Francesca said...

Michel would sometimes tried to park in ban zones and as I know the codes, i dont allow him to put his car. Minsan kasi bus lane, wala naman daw bus, ok na i park.
Or sa handicapped area,
yoko din.
So instead, we buy whatwe need sa grocery where we can park
Kasi dito and fine, 90€!
thats 8000pesos, plus bawas points sa DL!

if 12 pointslang lifetime, then nabawasan, they send you to court, mag plead ka ke judge, then if judge is mabait, let you off.
If not, bawi liscence mo, di ka maka drive unless di mo ipasa ang codes of the road!!!!!!

bayad ka na, na court case ka pa, then may aral pa.
Pano ka na ma kawork.

I feel, mabait pa rin dyan sa Pinas...

Lazarus said...

tutubi, kasi naman yung BMW yya eh nakaparada dun sa palengke at iniwanan lang.

francesca, siguro mas ok mag bike na lang dyan sa france. di ba na tow yung bike?

Sonnie said...

LOL God works in mysterious ways