Tuesday, February 26, 2008

The Sewing Job

When we were small kids, my mom would design and sew the dresses of my sisters and a few of my girl cousins. She used a singer sewing machine, the only sewing machine brand that I know. But my mom won’t sew me a polo shirt. She felt she had no confidence in sewing boys’ clothes.

I was really curious how the machine works. Many times my sister and I tried to sew some rags. Once, I had a home economics assignment which was to design and sew our short pants. I attempted but to no avail. I let my mom reworked on it and she finished my assignment.

An aunt uses an automatic singer sewing machine, too. It really made her sewing job a lot easier. She was even accepting sewing orders. My mom can’t do what she can do. When we all grew up, my mom retired from her sewing job.

At Wize.com, you can read reviews for the various models and types of a singer sewing machine. It is one dependable brand that you should buy.


Anonymous said...

Just wanted to say hello since I stumbled on to your blog. 'Hello'

palma tayona said...

this post of yours made me laugh. me and my brothers grew up with almost all the versions of this brand from the "de-padyak" to the industrial ones that can churn out bolts of sewn textiles. my mom runs a curtain-making business and me and my brother used to hide underneath theses machines during lazy afternoons while her workers take their breaks.

yes, i'd say singer is dependable.

Lazarus said...

thanks for the visit, palma and pancit canton