Friday, February 01, 2008

Domain Registration

The idea of having my own domain name has been floating in my head since the fourth quarter of last year. I have not yet decided on a name. It took me months to ponder on this. But I already listed and checked possible great names. One is my own name. It is so unique that I have not encountered someone (even online) who has the same name as I have. But I have different plans for it other than blogging. For now, I may put it aside.

The others names I considered are somewhat played around the word Cebu, this place where I was born, grew up and lived my entire 32 years. I am not really that convinced. What if I leave Cebu and relocate to Manila or to the USA? I got to have a name that goes beyond territories.

After I decide on a name, I have to register it. Domain registration is not difficult. I find it affordable too. Payless Domains, Australia’s most popular domain name registration site, offers discounts if you register names for two years or more. They offer bundle discounts too. You may also check their web hosting packages. I am sure that they have everything you need that fits your budget

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