Saturday, February 09, 2008

Connecting To The Internet World

It was sometime in early 2000, in our addictions to the internet and network games, my friends and I decided to set up an internet café. We just wanted to get connected to the internet world and at the same time earn a little. We then bought second hand computers and luckily found a place suitable for our shop. But it was hard to find an ISP at that time. We only have few choices and it was expensive and rather slow. Getting a dedicated leased line or a cable internet was not feasible for a start-up like us.

But then, our internet café did not survive 5 years later despite upgrades in equipment and ISP (from dial-up to DSL). We were too late in the upgrades and our competition had zoomed ahead. Probably it was also due to our hesitation to put in additional investments. We were just struggling young accountants, not businessmen.

Nowadays, if we want to get connected to the internet world there are plenty of options. At you can get low price deals on internet service providers – dial-up, dsl, cable, satellite, wireless and VOIP services. The DSL is the most common since it is uses the same telephone wire in homes. If one lives in an isolated area, getting an internet access is no longer a problem, despite the lack of cables and telephone wires. He can get a satellite internet service. Compare broadband service from HughesNet and WildBlue, and see which fits your need. also has informative pages on how to speed up computers and a guide on choosing an internet service provider. Connecting to the internet world is now made easier.

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