Saturday, February 23, 2008

A Walk In The ICU

They were no longer crying when I arrived. Auntie's dead body was still in the ICU and my wife signalled me to go in there.

I was curious really. It was my first time to enter this section of the hospital. I walked slowly checking every open door, like a guard on rounds. Because of the glass walls, every room is viewable from the aisle.

There lay on old woman whose mouth was opened and some gadgets attached all over her body. She was motionless and eyes fixed on the ceiling. What was she thinking? Where is her family? She seemed to be alone.

On the next room is an old guy lying on the bed just like the other woman. He was sleeping and seemed to be at peace. Three or four more other rooms were occupied by patients whose lives were hanging on a thread. I wonder who's gonna die within the hour.

Then at the far end of the section I saw the corpse of auntie examined by my bro-in-law. There was a yellow machine at her side, registering a flat line, just like they showed on medical movies. I tried to compose myself as I looked closely at her face. She was smiling, unlike the other day when she was always grimacing in pain. She had said her goodbyes years ago, but it's the love of her family that kept her strong and alive. She reiterated her goodbyes the night before, thanking everyone who cared for her.

And now she even looked better than the patients in the other rooms, for she departed in peace towards Jesus' side.


the bystander said...

i dedicate my prayers for your auntie, bai.

Francesca said...


its always sad when a love one depart.
The "death" that humans who love life should not have.

In time this death will be no more.
Thats a promise from our Creator...

Our condolences to you and family Laz.

sasha said...

Condolence, Lazarus.

The first, and hopefully the last, time I went inside the ICU was when my mom was rushed and after a few hours died there. It was eery. The place is so quiet. Kami lang ang maiingay dahil nag-iiyakan na kami. And the place has a lingering scent of death. Parang ang mga taong andun mamamatay na any moment. I don't want to go there na. Sana naman wag na.

Anyway, may your aunt's soul rest in peace.

desfingers said...

sending my prayers, lazarus.

i feel so afraid just to hear the word ICU.

last year, i went to the ICU for two times--for my uncles. My older uncle died (after staying for a month in the ICU); glad that my other uncle survived it the first/2nd/ times he was sent to the ICU.

God bless!

lady cess said...

condolence to you and your family lazarus. based on what you wrote, your aunt must be having a grand time up there right now :)

vernaloo said...

my condolences Lazarus. May she rest in peace. She's smiling so she's definitely at peace now...

tina said...

condolence po.

bambit said...

to die with a smile on one's lips... everyone should be so blessed on the day they meet their Maker.

Josh of Arabia said...

story like this moved me to value the people we love and care for - all the more - while there are still time, while they are still there.