Sunday, February 17, 2008

Wish List 2008: A Tag

Carey tagged me last mid-December. When I first read it, my mind almost blew up due to lots of things that I wished to acquire in 2008. This is just a simple checklist meme. So here is mine:

1. My own domain name. I recently bought one, but I think I’m going to add more.


Actually, I don't really know what to do with my own dotcom for now.

2. A DSLR camera. This is really a wish out of envy.

3. New pants. I’m ever expanding and some colors are already fading.

4. New badminton shoes. I’m not retiring from this sport.

5. New eyeglasses. Or maybe new eyes.

But the truth is: I want a condo unit, a sports car and a vacation travel to Europe. There’s really no limit for wishing. Haha. What’s your wish list? I’m tagging Josh, Bambit and Tina.


Fence said...

Laz, I think the DSLR may prove very useful should you decide to put up an online business. So it may not necessarily be an expense. Nikon I think has a DSLR that's relatively cheap compared to the others.

Ethyl Alcohol said...

hope your wishes come true! :)

Lazarus said...

fence, good thing our friend let me borrow his digicam. i'd really like to get a hold of a dslr.

ms. ethyl, i really hope so. That includes the condo, the travel and the sports car. he he.