Friday, February 01, 2008

Moving To A New Home

In an attempt to change profession and alter the course of our young accounting career, a friend and I took the local real estate brokers’ exam and explored the possibility of becoming realtors. Both of us took the top two places when the result was released but we stopped there. At least, we got ideas about the real property business.

A realtor or what we usually refer as a real estate agent or broker does not only sell subdivision lots or houses but they can also assist one who is relocating to a new city. This we learned in our review. This is not really a familiar transaction here in the Philippines but in the USA, you certainly need a realtor to assist you in buying homes or looking for a home for rent. Realtors have this extensive property listing that you don’t have to search the properties yourself. They can also assist you in the mortgage quote.

At NationalRelocation, they provide assistance to people who are relocating and are on the move. Moving to a new home would no longer be a hassle.

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