Wednesday, January 02, 2008

An Alternative To Medical Insurance

Most of us know how a medical insurance works. You pay a premium, and when you are hospitalized whether it is for a simple medication or a major operation, the insurance company pays most, if not all, of the expenses. Or if your insurance has a low limit, say $20,000 a year, you’d bear the excess.

Insurance is not cheap. But if you don’t have any insurance, it becomes very costly when availing on medical services or when you get hospitalized.

However, there is an alternative to medical insurance.

Ameriplan offers medical and dental discount plans so that you can avail up to 50% discounts from over 400,000 physicians and specialists in their network all over the USA. The services include doctor's visits, specialists, lab work, and imaging. Another major part of the Ameriplan Health program is their advocacy program. The advocacy program will work on your behalf and will be your representative to the hospital during your confinement or treatment.

They have various plans designed to fit your needs. The goal here is to save money. Check out Ameriplan’s website now for more details.

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