Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Republicans vs Democrats

The basic difference between the two is that Democrats follow a liberal philosophy and Republicans follow a conservative philosophy. Example of these differences are: 1) Abortion, Democrats – Yes, Republicans – No 2) Gay Weddings, Democrats – Yes, Republicans – No 3) Prayer at Schools , Democrats – No, Republicans – Yes 4) Death Penalty, Democrats – No, Republicans - Yes 5) Minimum Wage, Democrats – Yes, Republicans – No, and the list goes on an on.

But it’s the Democrats that get most of the headlines these days. For us in the Far East, we get the impression that it’s Hillary Clinton vs Barack Obama. Both are democrats, but only one will go on to become the party standard-bearer. I don’t even know much about the other side of the fence. President Bush seems to get all the attention. I first got a quick glance at the name of Gov. Mike Hukabee, the former Baptist Minister who turned politician, when news came out at the Iowa caucus that he leads the Republicans.

The American party system is very different from the Philippine system. There is no party loyalty among our local politicians. I don’t even think they know their party’s platform of governance.

But if you were to join American politics, which between the two parties would you choose? Maybe I’d follow Mr. Universe (now California Governor) Arnold Schwarzenegger. He once said to a friend, "What party is he?" (referring to Nixon). The friend replied, "He's a Republican." Then Arnold said, "Then I am a Republican." And he has been a Republican ever since. Honestly, I don’t understand the logic of his statement. But I am still for the conservatives' philosophy.

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