Thursday, January 17, 2008

Online Money

50 days after announcing that I crossed over, my paypal breached the $100 mark. The first time I bumped into dotcom mogul John Chow's site a month ago, he mentioned celebrating some milestones in one's problogging career. So, after seeing the email that I got paid, I told my wife that we're going to celebrate.

She asked me why, but I just smiled and did not give an immediate answer. "Wait until we're seated in a restaurant table" I told her.

After our orders were set in the table, I told her about my problogging milestone. "Is that it?" she naughtily asked, withholding her delight.

"That's about P4,070 at present exchange rate" I said. Then we laughed. "Honestly, I still don't know how to withdraw it" I added.

Recalling the opps (mostly gambling) that I intentionally skipped, that could have summed up to more or less another hundred bucks. But no regrets in anyway. I blog only for the topics I like, and which can add value to the readers.


Daisy said...

ay ka sweet! :) congrats on your problogging milestone!

gladita said...

Congrats!Hope you'll have more of those moments.

lazarus said...

daisy, murag unsa kadako noh? ha ha.

glads, i hope they have more opps pa. so few na these days.

zherwin said...

wow, $100 is still $100! sabi nga sa isang commercial, big thing starts from small beginning...

i am not really sure of this (as i don't have a paypal account) but i heard you can withdraw your paypal money here in the phils from unionbank (sort of fund transfer), maybe you need to open an account with unionbank, eon account ata.

bingskee said...

i think it can be withdrawn from paypal to your credit card but paypal will charge you 5$. the credit card will also charge you (i dont know how much).

maybe you email paypal for info.

sasha said...

Hi Lazarus! Congrats! Naku nakakatuwa ano? When I reached my first $100 din, super tuwa ko. Then when I received my first conversion, hala, yaya agad sa buong family to celebrate hehe... :)

You can withdraw it to your credit card (if you used one). But remember kapag credit card, you can only withdraw 5 times a year. But if you are using Unionbank EON or savings account, kahit ilang beses ok lang.

Happy weekend! Here's to more dollars in our Paypal account! :)

ladybug said...

Wow! That's great! COngratulations on this milestone. Wish you more earnings in 2008!

Lazarus said...

zherwin, it's quite a good start, for a dozen posts. he he.

bing, i havent checked paypal pa for updates.

sasha, nakakatuwa nga sasha. first hundred pa lang to coming from one site. meron pang another for release in the next few days.

thanks, ladybug! :)