Wednesday, January 02, 2008

The Burning Desire To Win

If you remembered my entry last year about two kids fighting, and one even scheming to bomb the house, this time around, they’re still the protagonists in my post.

I was just amazed at the competitiveness of both. In a party game, “paint me a picture” to be specific, the two kids were on the opposing sides. Everytime the older (7) one’s team scores a point, he’d taunt the younger cousin (5). When the little boy’s team scores he’d make faces at his older cousin.

At the end of the game, the younger boy’s team lost. The older one jumped with joy and laughed so hard. This drew the ire of the little boy, and somewhat frustrated, he ran towards his mom and cried so hard. “I want to win! I want to win!” he wailed.

I also heard from my wife that in another party, the little boy was eliminated in a newspaper dance. His mom asked him to step aside but he yelled back, “No!”.

Watching the kids made me look back at my childhood years. I never had the competitiveness that they have. I don’t cry if I lose, which is not very often. I downplay my every victory, as usual. I also wonder what these kids will become when they grow up.


Rey said...

We are very different being kids. Back then I was always very passionate with things especially in competitions. I cry when I lose, and I cry more when i win.

Well I still cry now if I see my favourite footbal lteam lose. hehe.

Happy New Year, sho.

Lazarus said...

Happy new year, rey! Perhaps, it's part of how kids are raised. I see A-type personalities on both kids.

Abaniko said...

I remember when I was a kid, I was very competitive. Until now, I suppose. But I was and am a gracious loser. Maybe, I just push myself to do my best in contests/games. :)

Rudy said...

I used to be one too, competitive I mean. Never wanting to lose and taking every loses personally. But as the years passed I mellowed down and came to accept my limitations.

Anyways, here's to a great year ahead for you and your family, Lazarus. :-)


Ferdz said...

Wow! I wonder how competitive they'll still be when they grow up.