Monday, January 28, 2008

The Art of Self Defense

I am an avid fan of Asian martial arts movie. I love watching those death-defying stunts and lighting-quick moves of Jet Li, those comical fighting scenes of Jackie Chan, and those fast close combat moves of Steven Seagal. They’re actors alright, and we all know those scenes are choreographed to entertain us.

But what are we to do when faced and cornered by bullies or those gangs wanting a street fight? Run? Or maybe escape like those stealth ninjas? Is your chest blade-proof and your skull bullet-proof?

You might say that you have a black belt in karate or in other martial arts. Captain Chris Pizzo also had those, even boasting of medals and trophies in combat sports. But when faced with a real deadly situation, his outlook on self defense changed. In his website, he offers information regarding the truth about martial arts, self defense and street fighting. These are very helpful tool to protect yourself and your loved ones.

You can also take a no-obligation "test drive" of his award winning Close Combat Training system absolutely free, brought to you from the world leader in self defense.

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