Saturday, January 19, 2008

TV Ratings War Gone Wild: GMA vs ABS-CBN

Since survey results are muddled (that is according to the publicized allegations of the warring parties), let me make my own survey here. But I have to disclose my own personal bias. It’s GMA7 that has the better signal at home because we cut the cable TV subscription months ago. I felt bad when Angel Locsin transferred to the other network, but she is still a beauty to behold. I’m not exactly a fan of Juday, even during her Mara Clara days, but I do admit that she’s an excellent dramatic actress. I am forced to watch Ysabella when the commander takes control of the TV remote. Despite the adjustments on the antenna, the reception is still so-so. Ok, let’s blame my bias on the TV signal.

Maybe by now you have seen both stations’ efforts in pressing their claims and/or warding off allegations. Blogs have been written about it, and maybe it’s time to grab some of their readers. I admit that at times, it’s getting to be annoying.

But for traffic’s sake, let’s have some fun and a little survey. This is not in anyway sponsored by any entity and don’t throw grenades at me if you dislike the results. Vote once a day over the weekend. I’ll close the voting Monday noon and let’s move on afterwards. New shows at primetime for both networks will commence on Monday. Enjoy the weekend everyone!

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Rudy said...

I voted for I don't care because honestly, I think they're both the same. The only show I watch in either channels are the local news. However, if you're going to ask my Mom, she'd probably vote for GMA 7 since she watches those koreanovela every freaking day... :-D


lady cess said...

i don't care. news lang din ang pinanonood ko sa dalawa. :)

Ethyl Alcohol said...

mas malinaw din ang signal ng GMA samin. My mum is a certified kapuso. nakakasawa nga lang dahil na-cut off din ang cable namin at naka-stuck lang sa gma ang channel.

Lazarus said...

haha mr.singlguy. i also watch those koreanovelas.

ladycess, some shows on primetime are not good for kids. i don't know if you've seen their "artangel" show. it's good for kids.

ethyl, magkaiba kasi ng direction ng dalawang network. one is geared for cable, kaya nahihirapan tuloy sa mga ordinaryong tv owners.

bingskee said...

i am an avid fan of GMA. :-)

tin-tin said...

same reason as rudy. i also voted for i don't care. same lang sila for me. minsan, kapamilya ako.. minsan kapuso. depende sa shows. ithink pag comedy, panalo ang gma. quiz shows, abs (wala na kse yung lg quiz pag sunday mornings. hehe). drama? same lang. so yun! ;p

Francesca said...

in europe, channel 2 has tfc filipino channels.

But gma has internet sites,

i dont watch them, as notime.
I just go to cnn and weather in france for ten minutes everyday before leaving for work , and basta!

Josh of Arabia said...

this is sad. my family both luv fact, we both subscribed for TFC and orbit over here..

philippine dragonfly said...

i think they should refrain from talking about it on air. let the courts decide but i'm leaning on favoring GMA over ABS-CBN though i'm not a fan of both

btw, please update your links to my blog to my new domain: Backpacking Philippines...sorry, i know you've just linked me up :P

daisy said...

ehemmm... kinsa man akong ibutar ani ha. hmmm shhhh no vote buying ha!?

Abaniko said...

I don't care! Hehe. I only watch news on tv from time to time. They don't have much difference because whatever show is shown in one station, the other station just counters it with a show of the same genre. But I guess the main factor for preference is signal strength.